10 Easy Fitness Goals For 2018

by Steel Care
2018 fitness gears and equipment

We all need to set goals in life whether it’s in the field of a career, personal choice, or lifestyle decision. Goals increase our chances of reaching a certain level of difficulty in the field we want to master. However, in fitness, goals allow specific movements and precise steps to be learned, as well as give a process for working out that builds upon intensity as more techniques are mastered. Whether the final goal is to lose weight or have fun doing an extra physical activity, there is always room for goals to be achieved. Here are some easy fitness goals for 2018:

  1. 10 minutes of exercise daily for one month

There are many 10 minute exercises available some on the internet that have step by step tutorials. But some exercises that never go out of fashion include walking, jogging, squats, jump rope, and jumping jacks. These exercises can be used interchangeably to get the most out of a ten-minute workout. Other activities include running, dancing, and hula-hooping.

  1. 20 minutes of yoga daily for one month

Yoga allows the body to be more relaxed and feel at peace. Therefore, 20 minutes daily will help relieve stress and help with mobility and balance. Yoga is an excellent addition when training for a sport. With the additional twenty minutes per day, a person’s body will feel more flexible and able to balance correctly.

  1. Try a new workout routine

There are so many workout strategies out there that claim to be the best. Why not try one of them? In order to get the best form, you can go to a local gym and see a professional trainer that can teach you on the methods of working out. Or watch YouTube and fitness videos on workout techniques. Go for something challenging or something you haven’t tried before. Be creative and have fun with working out.

  1. Go for the perfect push up

fit muscular guy doing push upsThe perfect push up will work out your shoulders, back, core, and thighs. This workout will help build muscle and in the long run, will help do a lot of other exercises faster like run, and bike.  Mastering the perfect push will not only make you feel like a boss but make your muscles feel strong as well.

  1. Finish a race

While it’s most people envision accomplishing their goal as running through a finish line, in a competition, racers can do just that. However, competitors aren’t expected nor recommend jumping into the long and fast paced races. There are many different types of competitions like the 5k, 10k, 30k, and even 50k. While some runs end with the first, second, and third competitors winning a prize of money, other competitions are merely for charity. Whether it’s a bike ride with a friend or a triathlon competing in a race is hard work and finishing it makes it all that sweeter.

  1. Master 10 pull-ups

Pull-ups allow the body to make use of its pulling strength. If ten pull-ups are easy for you, then think about doing 15 or 20 or possibly adding weights for a number of reps. A weighted vest will add challenge to an already simple task; therefore, you are always pushing yourself. Just make sure you know your limit, safety is crucial when working out.

  1. Find a new natural trail

When working out, you might find yourself always indoors either in the comforts of your own home running on a treadmill or in a gym with machines. Either way, it is nice to get out once in a while and enjoy the breezy outdoors. There are many nature walks, and trails with bike access in case walking is a little too slow paced for you in the USA. Why not try one of them? Yes, there are bugs and bees but what you’ll experience beyond the average bug bites if any is much more than you would have expected.

  1. Think about dancing

man joins a group dance exercise classDancing while it may sound silly can make you break a sweat. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t want to bother with intense exercise than this one is for you. Find a dance routine on online through YouTube or a fitness website, and they will take you step by step increasingly quickening the speed. This will ensure that you will get your heart pumping and you will get an excellent workout from your thighs to your arms.

  1. Take the stairs

You know those mornings when you run to the elevator but the doors close right in front of you. Instead of taking the stairs you sigh and click the button. In not taking the stairs you are missing a vital opportunity to burn calories. Depending on how many levels there are it might be a golden opportunity that you voluntarily miss daily. But when taking the stairs make sure not to rush too much to break a sweat. You do not want to arrive at work already sweaty.

  1. Be happy with you

At the end of the day rain or shine it’s your body that you want to be perfect. So think about it, are you satisfied with your body? What would you like to change? Then work hard to change the things that you don’t like, whether it’s ten minutes a day for two hours a day. Have a goal set at what you would want to be different and make it happen. All is needed is some sweat, hard work, and positive thinking. Be happy!

Many goals can be set for 2018, it’s how you want to approach them that’s creative and individualistic to you. You can walk a nature trail while photographing the wildlife or take a dance session with your children. There are so many ways to finish a race, for example, one could accomplish a competition with family members at a reunion or at a ballpark where volunteers are needed. The possibilities are endless, and now it’s time for you to decide.

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