10 Natural Ways to Increase Your Libido and Have More Pleasurable Sex

by Steel Care
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Men have different levels of libido. And of course, a higher libido is preferable than a lower one. Libido is the sexual drive for both men and women and is influenced by many factors like biological, psychological, and social.

Biological factors are related to your hormones and how your body functions, which is reliant to your overall health. Psychological factors include the state of your mental health and your stress levels, which often hinder your sexual performance during difficult situations. The social factors are your family, work, and relationships. Medical conditions also influence your libido levels.

Because life does not always flow smoothly, your libido might dip down and get you wondering why you’re not performing the way you and your partner expect you to. If this happens to you at times, don’t beat yourself up. Others are also having the same problems.

But if you want to have your sex life at its top shape, then you need to take care of your libido. Do the things that can enhance it to enjoy your sex life even more. The following tips might help:

1. Eat libido enhancing fruits

All fruits are packed with beneficial nutrients in themselves. When it comes to boosting your libido, there are fruits that stand from the rest. Some of them include figs, bananas, and avocados. These fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals that improve blood flow throughout the body. Your penis needs a sizeable blood flow for stronger and firmer erections.

2. Eat chocolates

couple biting on a chocolateEating chocolates can give you a variety of benefits. While they can fully satisfy your sweet cravings, chocolates can also help you increase your libido levels. Chocolates help in the release of phenylethylamine and serotonin into your body, which can lift your mood and enhance your sex drive. Chocolates are considered to be an aphrodisiac.

3. Include spices and herbs in your diet

Some spices and herbs are known to be natural aphrodisiacs because of their properties that help with proper blood flow. Basil and garlic are on top of the list. Basil is popular in the kitchen because of its benefits to health. Aside from that, the smell of basil can stimulate your senses. Garlic, on the other hand, is great in promoting blood flow. Another herb that is said to help boost your libido and treat erectile dysfunction is ginkgo biloba.

4. Take yohimbine

Yohimbine is a compound known for its fat burning benefits. It’s found in the bark of the evergreen trees in West Africa. According to some studies, yohimbine can work as a natural Viagra that can help you achieve and maintain erections.

As an aphrodisiac, yohimbine is a stimulant that helps increase the adrenaline levels in your body. Because yohimbine doesn’t work well with meals, it’s best taken during fasting. Yohimbine in supplement form is recommended to be taken between meals or when you’ve fasted.

5. Don’t forget the vegetables

Your body wouldn’t be well prepared for great sex when you deprive yourself of foods that keep your body healthy. A healthy diet consists of nutritious fruits and vegetables that promote good circulation and heart health.

Try changing your current diet if it consists mainly of processed and fatty foods. These foods may interfere with your libido levels and may make you feel less energetic, which is not ideal for your sexual life.

Leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, celery, and kale have energy boosting properties that can help you perform at your best.

6. Drink wine to no more than a glass

Studies show that wine can boost your sex drive. It has properties that can make your body feel warmer and seek intimacy. When drinking wine with your partner, try to limit your intake to one glass. Too much alcohol isn’t good for your libido and may affect your performance. It may also cause problems with orgasm.

7. Watch your weight

Obesity is linked to low sex drive. Studies found that overweight or obese people have low testosterone concentrations, which influence your libido. When you’re obese, your self-esteem may be affected too. Low self-confidence can affect your ability to perform better in bed. That’s why it’s of vital importance that you eat foods that can boost your energy and keep your weight in its normal state.

8. Practice meditation

Stress is part of your day to day existence. What differentiates successful people from the not so successful ones are their ability to handle and manage stress. Stress management is important for your productivity and performance.

man meditatingWhile some men have sex to relieve themselves of stress, others may not be able to do it. The stress may affect their sex drive and even keep them from having erections. Meditation is a great way to better manage your stress. If you think meditation is limited to sitting immobile for long periods of time, you’re mistaken. Meditation can be done even when you’re active.

Meditation is not about not doing anything but it’s about calming your mind and being in a state of flow even in an active state. This means you can keep your attention and focus on one thing while you’re totally engaged in sports or take meditative walks.

But if listening to meditation music while keeping still works well for you, the better. The point is to calm your mind and keep your nerves functioning well. Participating in meditative classes such as tai chi or yoga is also a good option.

9. Keep yourself fit

Exercise offers lots of benefits, one of which is boosting your libido levels. According to a study in 2015, regular exercise helped men cope with their body image issues and increased libido. The participants underwent androgen deprivation therapy, which lowered their testosterone levels. By following a regular exercise routine, they’re able to conquer the issues that affected their sex drive.

10. Stay away from cigarettes

Cigarettes are a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. An unhealthy heart can hinder your ability to perform well in bed. Studies show that smoking is linked to erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels in men. Low testosterone means a low sex drive.

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