10 Tiny Habits to Effective Weight Loss the Diet Industry Does Not Want You to Know

by Steel Care
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No matter what kind of weight loss regimen you want to follow, it all comes down to one thing – it’s never easy and there’s no quick fix to losing weight effectively. The diet industry might have offered you to drink this or eat that for an overnight weight loss. In some cases, they might be effective but not for long. Because in reality, what you lose quickly, you gain back much more quickly.

The reason why overnight weight loss isn’t effective is that it takes time for your body and mind to form and adapt to new habits. You need to have enough discipline to maintain your new weight. And when it’s not supported by your habits, you’re bound to give up and go back to square one.

The diet industry promises you many things because it’s a lucrative business. But you don’t need to spend big bucks to slimming down when you can do it through tiny changes in your habits. Just give yourself time. Most especially, be consistent in doing these tiny habits to have long-lasting weight loss. Once you’re able to do this, you’ll fight yourself less and won’t even have to starve yourself.

1. Work on your mindset every day

Every tiny habit you do should start in your mind. You wouldn’t be successful in losing weight when there’s a fight going on between your body and brain. First things first. Start with your mind and then find your way through. Mantras are a powerful way to make yourself believe in yourself. You can borrow the mantras from the successful dieters who made it.

You can start by telling yourself, “I want to be the healthiest version of me” or “If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re probably not hungry.” Or, you can also create your own mantra, one that comes from the deep longings of your soul. A minute a day of uttering the mantra that resonates well with you can work wonders and helps you stay on track.

2. Eat a protein packed breakfast

egg sandwich breakfastThere’s science why protein in breakfast plays a crucial role in your weight loss goals. Protein helps you balance your blood sugar levels, slows down digestion, and makes you feel full. If you’re exercising, protein is a building block for stronger muscles. There are many ways you can add protein in your breakfast. If you’re into smoothies, you can add up protein-rich fruits into it like banana and avocado. Protein powder can also be a healthy alternative. Eggs are another protein-rich option.

3. Bring lunch to work

Good things can happen to you when you prepare your own lunch. First, you save money by not eating out. Second, you eat healthily. Third, you know the right portion of food your body and activity level needs. Preparing your lunch the night before is the best way to ensure you’re bringing the right food. It would also be easier for you to trick your mind of being into the weight loss game at the start of the day.

4. Keep a record of what you eat

You are what you eat as what the old adage says. Because everybody has a different metabolism, your body may respond much better to some foods than it does to others. Tracking what you eat can help with your future choices. If listing down takes time, snapping pictures might not. These visuals can also trick your mind into thinking that you’re eating healthy to lose weight. Kicking out unhealthy foods might no longer be that hard.

5. Drink water every hour

Water is important in your overall health. It makes the skin healthy, detoxes the body, and helps to burn calories. But it also plays a major role in the success of your weight loss goals. Sometimes you may feel hungry when you’re just thirsty. If consumed before meals, water can even suppress appetite, making you eat less.

6. Eat every four hours

It takes an average of four hours for your body to digest the food you consume, which means when you allow four hours to pass without consuming anything, you may feel hungry. When your body feels that its survival is threatened, it will send signals to your brain, thus the cravings for sugary foods to balance your blood sugar levels. But you have the power to prevent this from happening by eating the right food. Having a healthy snack within your reach or in your bag can be a big saving grace for your weight loss success.

7. Take an earlier lunch break

One study found that participants who took earlier lunch breaks had lost 25 percent more weight compared to those who ate after 3 p.m. Interestingly, both groups were given the same amount of calories and the same foods. Researchers attributed the weight change to hunger, which triggered the cravings for unhealthy foods.

8. Follow an eating schedule

diet eating scheduleAccording to experts, sticking to regular meals can help normalize your metabolism. What you eat might be important but when you eat is also crucial. When you starve yourself and ignore the hungry feelings, you’re more likely to binge eat later. It would be difficult for you to manage cravings when your body has been through a lot of hunger sessions throughout the day.

9. Stick to mindful eating

As much as possible, try to eliminate distractions when you eat. One study shows that distracted eating could lead to weight gain. For example, when your purpose of eating is because of an occasion or celebration, boredom, food cravings, and others, you’re likely to eat the wrong foods and may even tend to overeat. Mindful eating is sitting down and paying attention to what you put inside your body. If eating out with others is inevitable, putting more vegetables on your plate might be a good trick to stick to healthy eating.

10. Have a balanced meal

Losing weight is not about cutting out on certain food groups. It isn’t about cutting fats or carbs from your diet, but it’s about eating a balanced meal. Cutting certain foods may hurt your body since you need different vitamins and minerals from different food sources to keep your body functioning well.

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