10 Workout Tips for Beginners

by Leo Cartland
man doing core exercise crunches

Finally, you’ve decided to start working out! Whatever your reason is – for looking hotter or feeling stronger, we salute you for acknowledging its importance in the improvement of strength, health, confidence, and your overall life. Now that you’ve already made a choice, you just have to act on it. Your action will show your commitment. You can only start making changes when that decision is put into action.

Nonetheless, we all know how starting something for the first time is never easy. So, before you hit the gym, it’s good to have some guidelines you can follow. This is to remind you that the beginning of any transformation may be not easy, but it will be eventually if you’re persistent enough.

Here are 10 workout tips beginners can use to help them start their fitness journey:

1. Don’t worry about others

man cycling on stationary bike

It’s only normal that you’d feel conscious when you enter the gym for the first time. Being clueless in an environment with people who know exactly what they’re doing would make you feel anxious. But remember why you’re there in the first place. You’re there because you want to exercise, not because you want to look cool and confident in front of strangers. Besides, those people started the way you’re starting now. So, relax and focus on your own fitness goals.

2. It is okay to ask for help

So, you’ve walked into the gym with nothing but your motivation to start leading a healthy life. As mentioned earlier, you’d be clueless. You probably have no idea what to do first, or how to start it right. In this case, know that you can always ask for help. Approach the staff and tell them what you need, which is some basic guidance.

3. Don’t overlook nutrition

Keeping fit and strong doesn’t just rely on your workout habits. Proper nutrition contributes greatly to your body’s normal functioning. Hence, you shouldn’t forget your diet just because you’re already working out. A healthy diet and a regular exercise make the best collaboration when it comes to health, fitness, and overall well-being. So, load yourself up with lots of whole foods, fruits, and vegetables.

4. Take it easy

fit guy ding bicep curls in gym in front of mirrorIf it’s your first time hitting the gym, you’ll probably get overwhelmed with all the equipment and how to use them. But don’t let that pressure consume you. Relax and take it easy. Skip the complex fitness machinery and focus on the basic moves first. You can begin by performing simple stretches that’ll give you a great warm-up. If you’re feeling adventurous on your first day, you can give the treadmill a go for 20 minutes.

5. Transform it into a habit

As long as you’re doing something on a regular basis, it’ll eventually become a habit. So, make exercising one of your habits. Can you think of another habit that is as beneficial as working out? Exercising regularly can help you lose weight, improve your strength, and even make you happier. Thus, this is a habit worth looking into. When you succeed in making it part of your life, working out won’t be as exhausting as it was in the beginning.

6. Learn from your mistakes

If you make a mistake while working out, don’t take too much time blaming yourself for it. Everyone makes mistakes, so the only good thing you can gain from your mistake is to learn from it. So that it never happens again.

7. Get to know your muscles

You may know nothing about your muscles before, but taking fitness seriously means that you now have to. You need to know how they work, too. If you’re knowledgeable about your muscle groups and how each functions, you can know the ones you’re specifically working on. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to perform the best workouts that are more appropriate for certain muscle groups you’re targeting.

8. Don’t be in a hurry

It’s harder to see improvements if you’re impatient. A common mistake people do is rushing ahead with certain workouts before they’re actually prepared. Hence, it’s important to take your time as you take your initial steps. Don’t be in a hurry to see results to the point of forcing your body to do something beyond its capacity.

Otherwise, your impatience and too much eagerness will backfire in the form of injuries. Instead of accomplishing a significant gain you just brought yourself an unfortunate setback. So, it is important to assess what your body is capable of exerting and only move forward when you’re truly ready.

9. Take notes

When you begin your fitness journey, it’s also helpful to take notes. How many reps can you do? This way, you can see how you’re improving along the way. You can also set goals that are realistic and achievable.

10. Consider working with a trainer

If you really have no idea of how to start, that’s fine, too. It doesn’t mean you’re hopeless. What you can do is get a few sessions with a fitness instructor, so that you’re trained with the basics in a more comprehensive manner. They can also show you around the gym, help you set achievable objectives, and get you started without looking completely clueless and inexperienced.

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