12 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Prevent Penis Injury

by Steel Care
woman inspecting his member

Penis injury is real. If you’re not careful, you’re in for a bigger chance of harming your penis. Just because your penis is safely tucked down there, you think it’s always okay. The truth is, your penis needs tender loving care too. Though your penis is not as sensitive as the vagina, you still can harm it by doing wrong practices and improper hygiene. Your penis is the ultimate tool that leads you to fulfillment as a man and brings you pleasure like no other. When it’s injured or damaged, things wouldn’t be the same again. To keep your penis healthy and happy, never do the following things:

1. Using harmful products to wash your penis

Out of curiosity’s sake, some men wash their dicks with products that aren’t actually manufactured for that purpose. They use a classic aftershave, shampoo, lotion or creams with the intention of desensitizing their dicks or making it smooth. however, the tip of your penis is extra sensitive. The skin of the shaft can be susceptible to irritation and injury. Once you expose it to harmful chemicals over and over again, it may result in sensory function damage. Worse, some guys who experienced such damage complained of not feeling their penis.

2. Using coconut oil to masturbate

Oils for cooking or cosmetic coconut oil are two different things. Not because they’re made of the same product, they can be used for the same purpose. Some men do the wrong thing of applying their penis with coconut oil to masturbate. Doing this is like putting sandpaper on your penis’ most sensitive tissue.

3. Using harmful lubricants during sex

lubricant and empty condom packNot all lubricants out there are safe to use. There are some that contain harmful chemicals that can irritate your penis. Because the penis can self-heal itself that easily, you may tend to do the same mistake over and over again. But health experts say you should give your penis time to heal should irritation occurs. If not, the damage may spread into the urethra and may lead to urination problems.

4. Using chastity cock devices

Some men put devices in their cocks either to enhance their feelings of pleasure during sex or prevent themselves from masturbating before sex. But this coy idea isn’t penile friendly. Your penis can be doomed for permanent damage caused by the constant friction of these metal rings. Cock rings can also get stuck on the skin, which may prevent proper blood flow and oxygen flow.

5. Having rough sex adventures

Rough sex happens when you keep on jerking your penis too hard over and over. Men with erectile dysfunction often do this. Doing this can cause tears in the lining of the chambers of the penis, which is filled with blood due to erection. Women on top position can sometimes be risky too. If this goes wrong, your penis may suffer from fractures too.

6. Using penile pumps

Penile pumps are specially made for people with erectile dysfunction issues. If you’re not suffering from ED but use penile pumps for the sole purpose of enlarging your penis during sex, you must be wary. Your penis might be at risk of a blown-up blood vessel caused by overstretching of the skin. This is extremely dangerous and may cause permanent damage. The treatment may involve prosthetic implant to help you achieve an erection.

7. Failing to wash your penis

While some men have an obsession in having a super clean dick by washing it with strange chemicals, others tend to forget to wash their dicks. Your penis and the areas surrounding it can get sweaty, which is the ideal place for bacteria and fungus to grow. This can lead to irritation or infections, and yes, a foul smell as well. Too much moisture can also develop to yeast infection, which can be seen as red patches on your penis. To keep your penis clean, you need to wash it with soap and water at least once a day or after you have sex to prevent fluids from keeping it moist.

8. Not keeping your penis dry

After a shower, you should see to it that your penis is dried off to avoid bacteria and fungus from creeping in. On hot summer days or in times when you’re sweating more than normal, like having a workout, make sure to keep your penis dry. Putting powder on it can be of big help.

9. Wearing extra tight spandex or underwear

man in tight white underwearIt’s okay to wear tight undergarments when working out. What’s not okay is sitting on them for too long after your workout. The moisture is inviting to bacteria. Another thing, extra tight undergarments can also keep your penis sweaty and warm even when you’re not doing anything. Try to use breathable fabrics to keep your penis dry and comfortable.

10. Having dry sex

Dry sex or sex without lubrication can cause damage when there’s not enough foreplay and you’re too hot to enter. Forcing your penis to jam inside without lubrication can cause penile fracture. It can also damage the surface of the skin through tearing and can lead to bleeding. The more you’re at risk of damaging your foreskin if you’re uncircumcised.

11. Penetrating during anal sex

Anal sex can look adventurous and fun to you, but make sure to protect your penis with a condom. The bacteria from the stool can possibly enter your urethra. This can lead to urinary tract infections or prostate infections. Experts also recommend water-based or silicone-based lubes for greater protection.

12. Having sex while drunk

You might have heard of ‘Whisky dick’. It’s the term used when you’re having adventurous sex while drunk. Alcohol can dull your senses; too much of it can lose your ability to achieve an erection. You may damage your penis by jerking harder and harder to achieve an erection and ejaculation; this isn’t a good idea. If you’re planning to have sex, limit your alcohol intake. Or you may just forget it when feeling horny while being drunk to avoid injury.

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