12 Sex Tips To Help Her Have Orgasms Fast

by Steel Care
woman having an orgasm

The best way to tell if you’re able to give your partner enjoyable sex is when she has orgasms. A woman may tend to fake her orgasm when under pressure but when she’s totally turned on, she’ll forget everything even the thought of faking orgasms. However, she can’t do it with mental stimulation alone. You need to stimulate her physically, through your touch, your whispers, or even your mouth.

While we define sex as penile vaginal intercourse, it’s not the only way to achieve fulfilling sex. Mastering other sex acts that don’t involve penetration can even arouse her and reach orgasm. Since orgasm is one of the most common sex issues, stimulating your partner to have an orgasm can spare you both of the disappointment. Here are the ways to do it:

1. Prepare her body for penetration

It truly does take time to turn a woman on. But you should not overlook this because this is the very reason why women fake their orgasms – when their body is not ready. This is also why foreplay plays a significant role in a couple’s sex life. Touch is important to make her feel you and make her excited to allow you to enter her. You can use your fingers to warm her up. Ask her assistance by inquiring what movements she likes and how she likes to be touched or kissed.

2. Never skip foreplay

sex on a tableMany women are confused about what to do when their partner is aroused and ready while they aren’t. Your partner may be facing this same issue too without letting you know. A woman is naturally wired this way. You can’t rush her. Foreplay is key for both of your sexual enjoyment. As much as possible never skip it no matter how excited you are to thrust and get there.

3. Give her clitoral stimulation

Penetration is not the only act that causes women to orgasm. Most often, they do through clitoral stimulation. Stimulating them before penetration makes it easier for them to reach orgasm. Penetration is even more enjoyable when your partner is able to have orgasms after she’s been stimulated.

4. Penetrate with grace

Sounds new? This means you need to focus more on how you penetrate into her because it sets the tone for the entire intercourse. You can achieve a graceful penetration by making sure she’s ready. When she does, allow her to slide onto the penis at her own pace, without pressure. Enter slowly inch by inch. The slow movement will arouse her more and you’d be surprised at the number of orgasms she’ll manage to have.

5. Lubricate

If your partner agrees, use lube. There are situations when your partner finds it hard to get aroused even after you’ve done everything you could do to turn her on. It may be due to stress or some kind of mental fatigue. Lubes can help her get wet. It would be easier to turn her on when she’s already feeling wet.

6. Use lube with condoms

During intercourse, a lot of things may go through a woman’s head. One of them is being scared of getting pregnant for having sex. Even married women may face this problem when they’re not yet prepared to have kids. The use of condoms helps women calm their mind.  Condoms come with lubricants but they’re not enough to help you get the most pleasure of your sex sessions. A small amount of lubricant on the tip plus a tiny amount when it’s unfurled works wonders. You’re not only getting pleasure from the thought of practicing safe sex but also from the good sex you have at the moment.

7. Master your moves

In sex, slight changes in movement make a woman respond differently. Focus on her response and try to catch her when she’s feeling awesome on a specific movement. As you penetrate her, focus on rhythm, speed, and depth. Better yet, ask her what she prefers.

8. Try different sex positions

spooning sexDifferent positions not only give variation but also enable you to explore what’s more pleasurable for both of you. On the other hand, the effectivity of the positions also depends on your body type or size. So it’s actually how your bodies fit together. Expand your creativity and use pillows, chairs, hammocks, and other furniture that can help you feel comfortable and move easily.

9. Hit the G spot

Women find more pleasure when you successfully hit their G spot. Experts say it’s the key to orgasm. But contrary to what other sex gurus teach, the G spot is not something you quickly find. In fact, this region in a woman’s vagina is more complicated than it appears to be. G spot can vary from woman to woman, which makes it more difficult for you to find your partner’s erotic side. For some women, it would take weeks of regular massage before it’s fully activated. Give your partner time to awaken her G spot. Once she’s able to awaken this erogenous zone, having orgasm fast is very possible.

10. Communicate

Because people have different preferences, what delights your previous partner may seem weird for the new one. Instead of playing a guessing game, ask your partner what brings her much delight, what turns her on. But don’t limit yourself with your partner’s knowledge of her own body. There may be some parts of her where she feels more pleasure without her awareness. Keep exploring and experimenting. Your new techniques might give her more delight and can speed her up to orgasm.

11. Try to last longer

You need to have more control over your mind and body if you want to last longer in bed. Foreplay can be a great way to do this. You can also last longer when you’ve gained control over your ejaculation. Another effective technique to last longer is to masturbate an hour or two before your sex session. By not coming in too quickly, you’re able to focus on foreplay and on her pleasure. And it’s much easier for you to sync up with her, which makes it more possible for her to reach orgasm.

12. Create connection

Whether you’re into casual sex or a relational one, creating intimacy is still an ingredient to orgasmic sex. Gaze into your partner’s eyes while holding her and make the most of your skin to skin contact.

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