12 Things That Can Happen in Your Sex Life When You Hit 40

by Steel Care
middle aged couple getting intimate in bed

Aging brings lots of changes in your body. And in your sex life too. But don’t ever think that being 40 means your sex life comes to a halt. No. That’s farther from the truth. Age can cause changes to your sex life but with minor adjustments and being more attuned with your body, your partner, and the relationship, you can even have a more enjoyable and healthy sex life. You can expect the following things to affect your sex life, but which you can flow with ease and grace given the right tools and techniques.

1. Erectile Issues

Both men and women go through hormonal changes when hitting their fourth decade. Some of the changes may be favorable while some aren’t. For men, erectile issues could start to manifest. They may find their erections to be less firm or it may take longer to achieve an erection. This is normal. You can improve your erections by lifestyle changes and eating healthy. Avoid unhealthy habits like too much alcohol and smoking. You should also give time to physical exercise to improve your circulation.

2. Dietary Changes

Since your body goes through a lot of changes in your 40s, your nutrition requirement changes too. You should focus more on eating healthy fats like omega 3 foods found in some fishes and nuts. These healthy oils help your body fights against inflammation and other diseases that may affect your sexual function.

3. Heart health

When you hit the 40s, focusing on your heart health is equally important. Your heart works hard to keep your blood to function well. When your heart isn’t in its best shape, it would result in poor blood flow, which is very important in achieving an erection. According to health experts, a two-hour vigorous exercise for at least three times a week can help your heart working properly.

4. Higher risks of STDs

condom for safe sexAlthough your sex adventures may decline as you hit 40, you need not be complacent about it. You still can contract STD if you stop using a condom, especially when you’re having a new partner. The chances of getting a woman pregnant may be slim but let it not lure you into believing you’re having safer sex. Protecting yourself should be your concern regardless of your age.

5. Dry sex

Blame it to the hormones, but having drier sex in your 40s, particularly when your partner is in her 40s too, is pretty normal. This can be uncomfortable and painful. But this issue can be solved by using estrogen creams and other lubes.

6. Lasting longer in bed

Hitting the 40s can be favorable, somehow. When you’re in your 40s, you can last longer in bed due to the declining hormone levels. You’re able to delay your orgasm, which makes sex more pleasurable for both you and your partner.

7. More orgasms for women

While it’s a common belief that women in their 40s start to have vaginal dryness, this does not always come true. Most women in their 40s are more confident in themselves and their sexuality. With more comfort and sexual confidence, they’re able to have more orgasms. Stop worrying then when your partner is about to blow her fortieth birthday candle.

8. Conception challenges

Since a woman’s hormone associated with fertility decreases in her forties, having sex for the sake of conceiving may no longer be enjoyable. Your sex life can go through a phase of routine or dullness. The more you engage in sex without positive results, the more you will dread doing it. Fertility treatments may be of help. Avoid limiting your sex to baby making purposes only to avoid seeing sex as a chore and not a pleasurable activity that both of you can enjoy.

9. Stronger intimacy

happy couple having a momentIf you’re married or in a long-term relationship, you create more intimacy when you hit your forties. You’re no longer in the rush to have sex, unlike in your younger days. You focus more on your connection, on what the other person likes, and on what can make her happy. Your need goes beyond the physical. That’s why having a romantic relationship in your older days not only makes your sex life enjoyable but enhances your chances of longevity as well.

10. Decreased sexual desire

The declining hormones also affect your levels of sexual desire. Arousal may not come as easily as they were before. You may need more time to get stimulated and aroused. Since you don’t need a sense of urgency, you can stimulate each other through jokes, dirty talk, or other forms of intimacy where you can easily connect with each other. Kinky thoughts may help somehow. If you feel your sex life feels like routine or is coming to a halt, you can talk to your partner about it. It may be time for you to try new techniques to spark things up a bit. Talking to a therapist is also best.

11. More comfortable sex

Believe it or not, but you can have more enjoyable and comfortable sex when you hit 40. It’s because your focus is no longer on the physical aspect of sex. Your focus begins to shift from physical satisfaction to more intimate and meaningful sex life. You’ve become more passionate because of the length of your experience. You’re more open to trying new ways of passionate sex like the tantra or maybe watching sex videos. As your level of sexual comfort increases, so is your attitude to deeper and passionate sex.

12. Keeping the fire burning

According to studies, most women see sex as important even in their 40s. It’s because women are the more emotional beings compared to men. They thrive in relationships where there are lots of connection and intimacy. Sex doesn’t have to happen every day. As long as you and your partner stay committed to the relationship and find delight in each other’s company, you can keep the fire burning.

No matter what age you are in, if you’re able to play with each other, kiss each other often, and tend to the relationship, your sex life will continue to grow and bloom. The ups and downs of life or the changes that come with age may test your relationship, but you can rise above them and flow with them when you face every challenge as a team, which can come easily when you mature with your age. Aging then can become a more pleasurable adventure.

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