3 Things Women Find Mildly Embarrassing in Sex

by Leo Cartland

Sex is a very intimate experience. Both people are (usually) naked, jostling around with each other’s most private parts, showing off all their scars and imperfections. Therefore, it is inevitable that some partsof the process are going to be a little awkward or embarrassing. Management of this embarrassment is key to making the whole interaction go smoothly, especially if it’s the first time you’ve ever hooked up.

preview-full-hqdefaultHowever, it’s easy to prepare yourself for any embarrassing uncertainties, but what about if she starts to blush from a little touch of discomfit? What if she’s suddenly humiliated? How can you deal withit if you don’t know why. Here are a couple of little clues that give away why girls might suddenly bloom into a blossoming red while in bed.

  1. Queefing

We all know the term. I think we learned it in elementary school as a secret code word that we knew was naughty but never knew why. Queefing is when are becomes trapped in a woman’s vagina, which is effectively the most perfectly sealed pocket, and is then forced out by an ingoing item, such as a penis or a finger. Sometimes that air just lets itself loose. It sounds just like a fart coming out of the vagina and for a woman, this is humiliating. It conjures up images of loose lady parts and flappy vulvas; something no woman wishes with which to be associated. How do you deal with it? If she starts laughing, laugh along. If she doesn’t just pretend it never even happened.

  1. Choking

If a girl is downtown, giving you a pleasurable experience, try to refrain from shoving her head down or thrusting upwards. Like every human on the planet, women do have gag reflexes, and your penis is the perfect choking device. When that gag reflex kicks in, most girls can’t ignore it, leading to coughing and spluttering and the general feeling that you might throw up (if a few drinks are involved they may actually throw up). However, sometimes it happens and it can be mortifying. The key here is to be a little sensitive in preventing it from happen.

  1. Stray hairs

The majority of men don’t have long hair so they won’t know the struggles of hair in the wrong places. Women, however, are never surprised to find hair where it really shouldn’t be hanging out. Sometimes when you’re having sex you’ll find long stray hairs in your butt crack, under your balls, or in her nether regions. Be a gentleman, don’t worry about it. With everything flailing around, it’s bound to get everywhere. Don’t make her feel gross like she hasn’t shower.

preview-full-embarassedAlthough all these ends aren’t all that embarrassing, they can still send a woman off the blush charts. This doesn’t even cover awkward sexy talk, accidental periods, and lockjaw, so be thankful that these things are only mildly embarrassing and be a gentleman in helping to stem them humiliation. Remember, your balls are literally in her hands and making her feel ashamed will not bode well for you!

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