5 Annoying Man Things That Make Women Angry

by Leo Cartland

Have you found that you and your partner can’t stop arguing lately and you feel you can’t do anything right? Alternatively, you may have just met a woman and all of a sudden she’s glowering and walking away without you feeling like you’ve stepped a toe out of line. To you these small mishaps may seem like nothing, but to her, they seem like marks of total disrespect and they can lead to explosive fighting. But what are these things that men do that are so annoying to women?

 1. The boob glance

preview-full-things-women-hateIt’s like we’re toddlers waiting to be breast fed, silently trying to hint with our eyes. While women talk, they hate it when we subconsciously glance at their boobs and back. I know it feels like you can’t help it, but they aren’t subconsciously staring down at your penis and back. It makes them feel as though you are only speaking to them for their body, which is inherently disrespectful.

 2. Leaving body parts around the house

This sounds gross and very American Psycho-esque. That’s exactly how she sees it. While we may have no problem clipping our pubes in the shower, our beards in the sick, and our toenails in the living room, she loses her cool when you leave the remains exactly where you clipped them. Nobody wants to step on a pile of toenail clippings or brush their teeth with beard hair. She sees it as you not appreciating the time she takes to keep it tidy. After all, imagine if she left her leg hair, armpit hair, pubic hair in public places.

 3. Sleeping straight after sex

As men, sex chills us out. But for women, it really fires them up and makes them feel productive. After sex men want to roll over and go to sleep, but women see this as a totally selfish act. After taking the time to be intimate with you, they want to cuddle and feel appreciated and loved. Going to sleep makes them feel like you were only interested in the sex.

 4. Getting jealous

preview-full-4155-165591Men who get jealous usually use lines like ‘it’s not you I don’t trust, it’s him.’ Firstly, this shows her that you think she is a possession that can be owned by you and stolen by another. Secondly, it shows her that you have no respect for her own ability to say no and be taken seriously. While jealousy may seem to you to be something that shows how much you love her, it makes her feel less autonomous on her own life.

 5. Shouting her down

When it comes to emotions, we all let ours get out of control at times, especially in an argument with our partner. In the battle to be right, often we forget that an argument starts because someone’s feelings are hurt. In this sense, it is important that we listen carefully to why they feel upset. Men, however, have a tendency to shout down women when they feel they are right. This may silence the woman but never gets to the bottom of the issue. Remember if you are right, you are right, whether you shout it or whisper it. Shouting at her just shows you think what you have to say is far more important and needs to be heard.

 Think about these things, because they may be the straw breaking the camel’s back. Being conscious may help to stop fights.

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