by Ace Ryder
Diet Meals

Let’s be honest. No one likes being on a diet.

No one wants to be that guy gnawing on a salad, while everyone is enjoying a fat slice of juicy smoked brisket. The only natural reason that a man would turn down food is that he’s full. It’s a challenge that never ends, but you know you have to follow it to have a healthier lifestyle.

A diet that targets weight loss can’t be all that bad. Sure, there are some types of food that you need to avoid, but that doesn’t mean that anything that’s left for you to eat would taste awful. In this article, we’ll discuss scrumptious meals that wouldn’t be counted against your diet.

What does a healthy diet look like?

A healthy diet shouldn’t leave you feeling like you’re depriving yourself of all the good things in life. Humans are hardwired to want to consume food in excess of what the body really needs. That’s why many individuals find it hard to maintain a healthy balance between food and physical activity, which leads to weight gain and stress.

Going on a diet is essentially relearning your lifestyle. It wouldn’t make sense to be on a diet for just a few months and go back to the way you were eating. A healthy diet is all about getting yourself acclimated to eating healthier food choices and making it your primary food choice instead of the things you used to eat.

Let’s just put it out there – high-calorie fatty foods taste so much better. As humans, we are hardwired to want food that our body can get energy from, and store it as fat. It hasn’t been a hundred years since humans figured out how to source food en masse, and we can all blame evolution for setting us up to be fat – and going on a diet will make you feel like you’re going against your basic drive.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. A healthy diet shouldn’t make you feel deprived or starved. It’s all about making smarter food choices, and we have a great list for you to start. Here are some foods you can eat on a diet.

  1. Low-fat Burgers

You might ask – is there such a thing as low-fat burgers? I’m glad to tell you there is. There’s a way to make your burgers healthier, and it’s all about choosing the right meat. Lean burgers taste the same, although less juicy – but that’s a good tradeoff if you want to keep eating burgers without having to worry about getting fat. Choose lean grass-fed beef that’s low in fat, but richer in other nutrients. Burgers are a great source of protein, and if you can choose low-calorie brown buns to top it off.


  1. Pasta

Carbs make you fat, and pasta is notorious for being rich in carbohydrates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pasta when you’re trying to lose weight. Get whole-grain pasta instead, and enjoy your favorite pasta meals with significantly lower carbs. Pasta feels heavier on the stomach and will keep you feeling full for hours. Whole wheat pasta is also rich in fiber, which helps your digestion – just make sure that you only consume small portions!


  1. Pancakes

PancakesThey often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it really hits you when you can no longer eat your favorite breakfast meals, like pancakes, for example. Pancakes are known for their high carb content, and if you like smothering your pancakes with syrup and butter, that just multiplies the carbs you eat during breakfast. There’s a smarter way to prep your pancakes, and that’s by making your own pancakes instead of buying a pancake mix. Get whole grain flour to reduce the calories, and go for low-fat butter. If you really want syrup, go for sugar-free pancake syrup.


  1. Tortilla Pizza

You may have spotted the trend – processed white flour is rich in carbohydrates, and a good alternative would be to use whole what flour, which is lower in calories. The same goes for tortillas. Make your own tortilla with whole wheat, or buy low-sugar, whole wheat tortilla. Top it off with sauce and make a tortilla pizza at home. A tortilla pizza is a good alternative to the traditional pizza if you’re losing weight, but it tastes so good that you might want to finish the whole thing. Make sure to eat small portions – just enough to satisfy your cravings.


  1. Chicken nuggets

Chicken NuggetsWhy buy chicken nuggets from your favorite fast-food when you can make it at home! Traditional chicken nuggets are deep-fried with lots of additives and seasoning. Make your own nuggets with lean chicken meat (breast) and bake them instead of frying! Go light on salt, and use herbs to make the flavor pop. For dipping sauces, go for healthier options like cilantro or guacamole. Lean chicken meat is rich in protein, which helps you build muscle to further speed up your metabolism.


If you’re having trouble controlling your cravings and hunger pangs, then you might want to consider taking an appetite suppressant supplement, such as Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia contains a phytochemical, called hydroxycitric acid, which inhibits the hunger hormones to help you lessen your cravings.

We get it. Dieting is hard, but it shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the fun and satisfaction you get with food. It’s all about choosing the right alternatives. Not everything you crave should be left out of your diet, and finding a way to make your food healthier is a lot better than depriving yourself of food that you normally eat.

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