5 Reasons Boxing Builds the Brain and Body

by Leo Cartland

Working out in the gym works for some people but not for everyone. Those just starting out may feel the pressure and anxiety of being in a testosterone-fuelled environment, surrounded by toned abdominals and solid biceps. Maybe you have been a gym bunny for many years and you are looking for something a little different, to mix your workout up and try to push yourself a little further.

Boxing could be the answer for you. Providing a full body workout, getting the muscles and respiratory system going, boxing provides a whole plethora of advantages and can really whip you back into shape. Here are the reasons you should be taking up boxing to improve your health and fitness:

  1. It’s a great calorie burner

preview-full-double-end-bag-drillsBoxing requires you to be on your toes, bouncing for the whole session. This makes it a great calorie burner, helping you to shift a few extra pounds as you sweat it out against the bag. Studies show that a 155llb person will lose around 450-600 calories an hour by boxing. This outstrips weight lifting and even dancing by far. In fact, when it comes to burning calories, boxing is equivalent to running or a high-impact aerobics session.

  1. It builds muscle and strength

Obviously, if you are fighting in the ring, this is not necessarily the case. However, when training in boxing, you will encounter an incredible resistance workout. Training includes using weights, heavy bags, and calisthenics which helps to tone and strengthen the whole body. Of course, you’ll find the arms pumping, but the movements run through the whole body, toning the hips, thighs, and calves.

  1. It’s an incredible heart workout

Boxing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, due to the constant movement and high-impact resistance. Moreover, the focus on the upper part of the body mixes it up from most forms of cardio, such as swimming or running, which tend to focus on legs movements. This really gets the heart pumping hard and fast, increasing blood flow around the body.

  1. It relieves stress

We all know that punching something relieves stress. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, it increases adrenaline, which leads to a burst of energy, helping to wipe cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, from the system. Moreover, the body releases endorphins, the happy hormone, which help to boost happiness and a sense of wellbeing. Equally, the great cardio workout means that more blood and oxygen is rushing to the brain, which helps to clear cortisol, while also increasing cognitive functioning.

  1. It helps you get co-ordinated

preview-full-basic-boxing-trainingBoxing really helps to significantly improve your hand-eye coordination. Firstly, by hitting certain targets with both sides of the body, it helps to stimulate functioning in both sides of the brain. Moreover, the quick movements allow you to hone in grace and poise with regards to understanding your own body, and how to move this accordingly to fulfill a task, again improving hand-eye coordination.

Boxing is a workout that helps the functioning of both the brain and the body, toning and honing, helping you feel less stressed in your life while giving every muscle a flex. By keeping you on your toes, boxing allows the heart to pump blood to every extremity, opening up the blood vessels and carrying nutrients around the body to build and repair muscles. Try combining boxing with a testosterone supplement such as Xtreme Testosterone, to further improve blood flow, increase energy, and build muscle.

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