5 Reasons Why Only Long-Term Supplements Work

by Ace Ryder

How long does it take for a supplement to work?


The supplement market is highly-competitive, and many supplement brands would say just about anything to get you to buy their products. We’ve reviewed hundreds of products over the last few years, and we always come across products that try to exaggerate how fast their products work.

We’ve seen products that claim to produce instant results, and it’s these types of brands that always disappoint their customers. We had our fair share of these products, and as much as we want to believe that supplements could work overnight, the science simply doesn’t support that fact. Here are 5 reasons why only long-term supplements work:


Clinical trial data do not support instant results


We’ve reached a point where many supplement ingredients are proven effective by clinical trials. Every year, plenty of research institutions release studies involving natural supplement ingredients, and many of these studies provide clear and irrefutable data that supplements work.

The only problem is, clinical trials are evaluated over a long period. Most of the clinical trials we’ve studied last 90-180 days, and this shows the realistic timeframe before a supplement produces noticeable results. There are no studies relating to the fast-acting effect of supplements, nor are there any clinically-tested supplements that work overnight.

If a supplement product claims to produce results that are faster than those described in the studies, then there’s a great chance that these studies are disregarded by the company anyway, and you can’t trust the product to produce results as described by the studies.


The body adapts to the supplement contents


5 Reasons Why Only Long-Term Supplements Work

Thinking that a supplement product works instantly is like believing that fat burners would make you thin in just a few days. Sounds absurd, right? Everyone generally understands that metabolism is a key factor that determines how fast your body changes and the body simply can’t metabolize fast enough to produce results in just a few days. No matter how much you starve yourself or work out, nobody can massively alter their body in just a few days, and it’s all because of your metabolism.

The body needs time to adapt to the contents of your supplements. It needs to absorb, metabolize, and adjust your body’s metabolism, for you to experience results you can see and feel. Generally, it takes about a month of consistent daily intake of a supplement product before you start seeing results.


Supplements are essentially a part of your diet


One thing that most people forget about supplements is the fact that they don’t work like drugs, which are essentially chemicals and compounds that have a specific impact on the body. Supplements are not intended to produce instantaneous results; they are intended to supply certain vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that produce results in a manner that would affect your body as if you consumed the ingredients as a part of your diet.

A good example would be Vitamin C. A standard serving of 500mg Vitamin C is equivalent to 10 medium-sized oranges. Nobody consumes 10 oranges every day to get 500mg of Vitamin C, but all of that is just equivalent to one 500mg tablet of Vitamin C. You also can’t expect to instantly boost your immune system the following day after taking one tablet of Vitamin C; it takes weeks to build up your immune system.

The same goes for supplements. Whether you’re taking a performance-enhancing supplement or a fat burner, it takes time for your body to adjust to the active components of the supplement.


Consistency is important


taking vitamin supplement

If your goal is to improve your physique or physical performance, it will take time for your body to develop, and while your body develops, it needs a consistent supply of the supplement to continue your progress.

Just like how you would go on a diet to lose fat, you need to be consistent with your supplement intake. You can’t expect to lose fat and maintain your physique after just a month of dieting. You need a diet that will work well with your lifestyle if you want to maintain your physique, and the same goes for supplements. You need to continue taking supplements if you want to maintain and continue your development.


The best supplements recommend long-term intake


Male UltraCore, one of the strongest performance-enhancing supplements on the market today, recommends a daily serving of its massive formulation. We’re talking about a 2800mg formula for Male UltraCore, and a total of 5500mg if you include its booster supplements, Ultra Prime and Ultra Edge. Male UltraCore is one of the heavyweights in the male performance-enhancing supplement segment, and if they recommend a daily intake of their supplement, even with its massive serving and highly-potent ingredients.

Male UltraCore is one of the few products that can get away with fast-acting claims, but they opted to stick with what the clinical trials show. Even the best products in the business recommend a daily intake to ensure that you get the results you expect.




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