6 Magic Minerals That Help You Shed the Pounds

by Leo Cartland

Many people know the value of vitamins to their health, but minerals are often left by the wayside, misunderstood and forgotten. This should not be the case as minerals are an integral part of the human functioning and can actually help to boost weight loss. That’s right, certain minerals have shown excellent properties in reducing fat in our bodies. This is why taking all-natural supplements such as ‘GarciniaX’  that contain these minerals help you to shift pounds quickly.


preview-full-chest-exercises-4_0Chromium is perhaps the bets mineral for weight loss. It helps to balance the blood sugar which prevents rushes of insulin releasing into the body, causing your body to store fat. It also works on your feelings of hunger, helping to suppress them while altering how carbohydrates are stored within the body. Chromium rich foods include nuts, seeds, cacao, fish and leafy greens.


Zinc is an incredible mineral that works with hormonal balance. Zin helps to produce testosterone, which is important for blood flow and energy levels, as well as in terms of building muscle. With increased blood flow, the organs work more effectively, increasing your metabolic rate, helping you to lose weight. Nuts and seeds and green vegetables are all high in zinc.


Potassium is very important in terms of weight management. Potassium aids correct muscle contractions and functioning and is the thing that prevents you from feeling bloated, reducing puffiness in the body. It fights with sodium and should, therefore, be taken in the correct ratio. Bananas, coconut water, and almonds are all great sources of potassium.


Calcium is a fat fighting mineral. It literally competes with fat in the body for the space that it takes up. This means that it prevents excess fat from being stored in the body. It also has wonderful effects on the nervous system and bones, while calming anxiety, stopping you from becoming a nervous eater. Dairy products are all high in calcium but can be found in as equally high amounts in almond milk, canned salmon, and leafy greens.


Iron is responsible for helping the production of red blood cells, which helps with blood flow around the body. If you have low iron, you will experience feelings of tiredness. This tiredness will make the metabolism work slower, meaning that you don’t burn all the calories you put into your body, leading them to be stored as fat. Having a good amount of iron in the body helps to prevent this. Chia seeds, spirulina, and kale are all excellent plant-based sources of iron, otherwise, of course, red meat.


preview-full-42 (1)Sulfur helps to cleanse the liver as one of the best detox minerals. By cleansing the liver of toxins, it helps to prevent weight gain in the form of fat storage, while also helping to avoid the slowing down of the metabolism rate. Sulfur can be found in protein molecules so eggs and fish are extremely good sources of protein. However, onions, garlic, and leafy greens are also good sources.

Minerals are the key to washing fat from your body and keeping all the important components of our systems ticking over. By eating a mineral-rich diet you will find yourself dropping weight while also naturally eating high portions of fruit and vegetables. If you want that extra boost, do not be afraid to take mineral supplements as they can provide the concentrated enhancement you may need.


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