6 Steps to Successful First-Time Sex

Couple making love in bed with white sheets

You start dating a girl and one of the first things you consider is that all-crucial first-time sex. First impressions are extremely important, whether you are meeting the parents or taking her to bed,  and therefore, getting it right can be make or break. So, when it comes to first-time sex, you need to make sure you are on top form and ready to impress. The issue is that this can be a nerve-racking process, leaving you overthinking the whole time, and unsure what to do. Calm yourself down, and read these few helpful tips to understand how you should be taking that all-important first time.

  1. Slow and steady wins the race

preview-full-whentohavesexWhile sites like Tinder make you feel like everyone hooks up on the first date, this is not necessarily true, especially if you are looking for a more long-term relationship with the girl you are dating. If you want to have the best first-time sex, you need to wait. Surveys have shown that most women prefer to wait until the 8th date to have sex with a guy. This is because they like to know that he is in it for more than just their body. Equally, waiting will help to build the sexual tension, allowing you to really crave her when you get there.

  1. Don’t dive straight in

When it gets to the moment of truth, use a little temptation. Women get very turned on by kissing, as well as the idea that the two of you have that romantic spark needed for a real relationship. By kissing her affectionately for a long time, it helps to wake a woman’s body up. Start with a little kissing and cuddling, and when the time is right, move the kissing down her neck and try exploring her body.

  1. Give a little playtime

This is the first time you have seen her body, so take the time to explore it, and work out what you are dealing with. Explore her with your hands and tongue, taking a little time for foreplay. Make sure you spend extra time giving her a little foreplay pleasure, showing her what you are made of, and what you can offer her. She will be grateful for your unselfishness.

  1. Prepare to be protected

preview-full-first_time_sex_sex_positionsWhile she may be on birth control, you want to make sure that you are keeping both of you safe from sexually transmitted infections. Make sure that you bring condoms with you. Not only does this provide protection, it also shows her that you are prepared and considerate, taking responsibility.

  1. Make it last

The last thing a girl wants to see is that you’re a two minute wonder. Even if she’s smoking hot, she wants to see you take your time and enjoy the moment, really reveling in the first-time experience that you will never get again. If you are unsure you can last that long, why not prepare yourself by using a supplement such as ‘Marathon Man Maca 1000’. Not only will this give you a larger erection, it will also boost your energy, while helping you go for longer.

  1. Pay attention to her

From eye contact to stimulation, make sure you are noticing how she feels during the session. Just like a conversation where people feel it went best when they said enough, make sure you are really trying to stimulate her. She’s always going to be more impressed if she orgasms!

Your first time is always an important moment so make it count. Slow it down and enjoy it; you won’t get it again!