7 Steps to Healthier, Cleaner Lungs

Athletic man drinking water

Your lungs are the caveat that provides one of the critical life sources to your body: oxygen. Being able to get enough oxygen to the body allows it to function effectively, leading to efficient organ functioning and better mental cognition. Lungs that are not clear can be subject to chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and strokes. Instead, keeping your lungs clear will help you to live a healthy lifestyle, lowering your risk of lung cancer and allowing you to enjoy healthy body functioning. Try these tips to naturally cleanse your lungs.

1. Stop smoking

preview-full-Screenshot_2Smoking fills your lungs with nasty chemicals which are hard for the body to get rid of. Tar and other chemicals collect on the lungs, blocking the alveoli, which stops oxygen from being able to enter the lungs. This means that less oxygen is getting into the body. Equally, it increasing your chance of lung cancer. By quitting smoking, you can help to clear your lungs of black tar and breathe more deeply.

 2. Drink lots of water

Water is another element which is absolutely crucial to our sustainability as individuals. When we detox any part of the body, we need to drink lots of water. Our bodies are around 70% water so pumping your body full of it will help to flush out any toxins within the system. This includes toxins in the lungs.

 3. Take up yoga

Yoga invites you to regulate your breathing while training your lungs to breathe more deeply. This will increase your lung capacity, allowing more oxygen to flow through. Studies have shown that a 90-minute session of yoga dramatically improves lung functioning. It has been shown to help patients who have asthma as well.

 4. Use lungwort

preview-full-jock_yoga_tutorial_core_strengthening_series_-_2Lungwort actually looks a little like lungs and has been used as a lung cleansing herb since the 1600s. It is used to clear congestions and to promote respiratory health. It contains compounds that work to fight off harmful bacteria which cause lung conditions. Most people make it into a herbal tea or you can soak it in alcohol and use it as a cough tincture.

 5. Eat orange

You want to try to eat foods which have high levels of beta-carotene; the compound that makes carrots orange. Beta-carotene protects the lungs from air pollution and smoke particles. It helps to keeps the air sacs clean and clear. Drink carrot juice regularly to help clear your lungs.

 6. Steam

Try having a steam bath with eucalyptus oil. The steam entering the lungs will help to push out any toxins and mucus. Equally, the eucalyptus will open up the sinuses to help the detoxification process. Eucalyptus also works to relieve any irritation in the lungs and respiratory system. This is particularly good if you have a cough.

 7. Mullein tea

Mullein is a very well-known and common weed in the USA. It has a furry leaf and is often referred to as ‘Lamb’s Ear’. This leaf is actually an incredible healing plant for the lungs. You can use the flowers for a sweeter tea or dry the leaves and use these, but they can be a little bitter. Drink the tea 3 times a day for a week and you will feel a lightness in your chest.

 Using a supplement like ‘Relax (Holy Basil)’ is also great for the lungs. Holy basil has been shown to be an effective with respiratory disorders due to its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial effects. So if you don’t fancy making tea constantly just stick to a supplement such as this, which will also relax the body and the mind.