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An excellent sign you have healthy sperm is that you have a lot of semen, which due to lots of testosterone in your body. As testosterone is the fuel for your sperm production, the numbers are in your favor when you have larger amounts.

Testosterone is excellent for your health because it affects many areas such as your mental acuity, energy, hair retention, sexual drive, and fertility.

There are many ways to boost your testosterone and sperm production. The basics, like exercising regularly, eating right, and drinking water are very important, as well.

So, here are seven ways you can strengthen your sperm.


Cigarettes have many bad side effects like damage to your lungs, reduced taste, and bad breath. In addition, you may smell like stale cigarettes even though you use cologne or take a shower. Related to your sperm production, cigarettes can reduce your sperm count by 22%. These easy-to-access sticks of illness can also lead to sperm that is slower and smaller. On average, sperm lives for just 24 to 48 hours in the vagina. When yours are slow they have very little chance of reaching the egg before they perish.

7 WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR SPERMBut, why do cigarettes damage your little swimmers? Protein. Your testicles create an environment that offers a certain amount of protein that balances well with other proteins. Smoking leads to lower levels of protamine 2, which negatively affects the delicate balance of the proteins in your testicles and damages your sperm production. As many sperm are already defective upon creation, it is vitally important to care for any that may come.


A 2007 study looked at the effects of heat on your sperm and found that the testicles must be cooler than your body to produce sperm at optimal levels. This explains why your reproductive organs are outside of your body rather than inside like women’s. While tight pants may be in-style and tight underwear grew on you from your youth, these can heat your testicles to an unpleasant temperature and dampen your sperm production.

Some activities you should do instead are to wear looser pants and underwear, sleep naked whenever you can, and avoid hot tubs and saunas. While these activities or clothing are agreeable to you, they do not agree with your testicles.

This does not mean you should never get into a hot tub or shower with some warmer-than-body temperature water but indulge in these activities in moderation. Overall, it is best to keep your testicles as cool as possible.


While this may not make your sperm healthier, it can lead to thicker ejaculations which are excellent when you are trying to get your partner pregnant or engaging in other activities that would be better with a thicker stream. The average ejaculation contains nearly 200 million sperm. If you wait to ejaculate you could increase this number and you may become a father sooner than you thought.


Drinking more water is an excellent way to boost your overall health, including your sexual health. In contrast, alcohol is terrible for your sperm production. Alcohol hits your liver and increases your estrogen levels. Estrogen is excellent food for ovaries but lowers the sperm production of the testicles.

One drink is bad enough, but two can have long-term negative implications for your sperm production. Not only does alcohol decrease your sperm, it also lowers your sexual drive. So, not only will you experience fewer ejaculations, you may not even care.


Excellent for the overall health of your body, eating foods vegetables, protein, whole grain, and less fat leads to healthier, faster sperm that has a higher chance of giving you the results you are looking for.


7 WAYS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR SPERMWhile Kegels will not boost the production of your sperm, they can lead to ejaculations that go further. This may boost your confidence and help you feel more comfortable with your output.

Not only that, but Kegel exercises may positively affect your erection. A study conducted in 2013 discovered that men who exercised more produced more sperm. In addition, it may also help your body handle insulin more efficiently.


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