8 Surprising Things about Weight Loss

by Leo Cartland
slim woman wearing oversize jeans showing weight loss

1. You have to eat fat to lose fat

This only means that there are types of fats that are healthy for you. Surely, certain saturated fats in processed meats and the trans fat in some baked goodies significantly contribute to one’s poor health and broad waistline. However, good fats like monounsaturated fatty acids found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish and its oil, as well as in several seeds and nuts, have been shown to be helpful in decreasing abdominal fat.

A research determined that intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids resulted in an increased resting metabolic rate and diet-induced calorie burn. Compared to saturated fats, polyunsaturated fatty acids burn quicker in the body. Plus, consumption of healthy fats can make you feel satiated for a longer period of time. So, having some nuts can make you feel full for hours, preventing you from needless snacking.

2. Eating chocolate can reduce your waistline

Yes, eating chocolate can help you lose fat but you have to do it right. This means you focus on consuming cocoa while you go easy on sugar. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and can be effectual in losing fat as long as consumed in moderation. To incorporate more cocoa into your diet, opt for unsweetened cocoa and add it to your shakes and coffees.

3. Dairy helps with weight loss

man wearing oversize pants showing weight lossThere’s the notion that dairy is bad especially when you’re trying to lose weight. But this isn’t accurate. Skipping on dairy means there’s likelihood of you missing on your daily dose of calcium and people with calcium deficiencies had higher fat mass and had troubles regulating their appetite, according to a study. In fact, calcium from dairy sources such as yogurt, low-fat cheese, and milk has been found to be more effectual in speeding up fat loss compared with other calcium sources.

4. Exercise alone doesn’t guarantee weight loss

Many people believe that they can eat anything they want because they work out regularly and intensely. But this is a harmful mindset, especially if you’re trying to lose fat or maintain a healthy weight. The truth is that working out solely doesn’t guarantee fat loss results, nor does it ensure that you wouldn’t gain weight. Studies show that exercise alone only results in less than 3 percent of total body weight.

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role when it comes to sustaining a healthy body. Regardless of your physical efforts to exercise daily, you’re not likely to experience notable results if you keep on eating foods that are high in sugar and refined carbs and if you don’t know how to eat in moderation.

5. Naturally lean people are big-time fidgeters

There are people who seem to be naturally slender in a way that they eat whatever they want without gaining weight. However, research shows that these people subconsciously find ways to move to make up for any extra calories they may have consumed. The truth is that spur-of-the-moment physical activity that’s seemingly irrelevant like bending, washing the dishes, and brushing your hair can torch 350 calories or more per day.

6. Repetitive exercise won’t help you lose fat

stepping on scale with tape measure wrapped around ankleDoing the same exercise repeatedly isn’t going to help you lose weight. In fact, such repetitive workout scheme can fail when it comes to fat burning and weight loss. This is because aerobic workout requires you to boost your energy production. Since the body always strives to find balance, this kind of monotonous movement without increased energy output could serve as a biological signal to make you consume food more. That destroys your weight loss efforts, apparently. Also, studies show that a fitness regimen is more effective when you do variations, such as adding HIIT or strength training in your routine instead of just sticking to aerobic workouts.

7. Watching TV is healthy as long as it makes you laugh

Watching television isn’t as evil as we’ve always led to believe as long as it makes you laugh. Laughing can combat stress, which takes a massive toll on your health and decelerates any progress you have on weight loss. This makes laughing a natural stress reliever and a fat-releasing mechanism. Giggling can also help you burn more calories. In fact, a study shows that an hour of intense laughter can burn as much as 120 calories than working out for half an hour at the gym.

8. Using your brainpower leads you to crave for junk

If your work requires you to think and think all day while being physically inactive, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re always craving for a box of pepperoni pizza or some chocolate muffins. It’s been found that with your brain working too much, it’s harder to regulate your appetite which makes you consume more fats and calories.

A study shows that since brain neurons depend almost exclusively on glucose as fuel, extreme mental tasks result in unstable glucose levels. And because the work necessitates glucose for optimal mental functions, we tend to reach for more fuel, which unfortunately is in the form of glucose, leading us to make wrong food choices most of the time.

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