About Us

by Leo Cartland

Nutramanix was established in 2015 by a team of nutrition experts and supplement analysts with the sole objective of reviewing health supplements. In the last three years, we have produced over 150 pages of content, with the majority dealing with hot-button topics and popular supplements. The impartial and honest supplement reviews of Nutramanix makes it one of the most credible supplement review websites today.

Our objective is simple – provide our readers with reliable and accurate content so they have all the information they need before they make a buying decision. The Nutramanix team is extremely passionate about supplements and its potential impact on a person’s health. We go through extensive lengths to research verify, and study every supplement that we review.

Nutramanix encourages its readers to become involved in the content development process by taking their individual experience about a product into consideration. With a seemingly-endless amount of content to be developed, Nutramanix stays on top by producing high-quality, reliable content.