An Anywhere Workout Plan to Help You Lose Weight

by Leo Cartland

Do you find that you don’t necessarily have the time to go to the gym every day? Are you stuck at work longer hours than you would like to be? Are you stuck in your home without a vehicle? You may be ready to use these reasons as an excuse for why you can’t workout. However, there is bad news for you. There is an anywhere workout plan you can use to help you lose weight, anywhere and anytime. During this workout plan, you need to push yourself as hard as you can. Every exercise you do should be done 3 times and for about 45 seconds every time. You will take a little break before the following set.

Warming Up

preview-full-20-minute-do-anywhere-workoutJust as with any workout plan you are doing, you need to make sure you are warming up. The warm up should include some stretches and maybe a short jog in place. After you have warmed up, you can get going with the anywhere workout plan.

High Knees

preview-full-exercise-anywhere_chair-tricep-dips-797x385The first part of you anywhere workout plan, aside from the warming up time, is going to be high knees. Remember, push yourself as hard as you can for about 45 seconds. This is going to help you make the most efficiency from the exercise. If you aren’t sure the proper form for these high knees, be sure to watch a short YouTube video on how to do it correctly.

Mountain Climbers

The next step in your anywhere workout plan is going to be mountain climbers. This exercise is going to start in the position you would be for a push-up. You will quickly put your weight to your arms so you can stand up and quickly climb like you were going up a mountain. Push yourself hard for 45 seconds. Keep going as strong as you can throughout the whole 45 seconds.


You may or may not have done burpees before but this is the next stage of your anywhere workout plan. These are fluid exercise movements that workout the entire body. You will get fit in your core, legs and arms while losing weight and calories too.

Jumping Jacks

Yes, jumping jacks may seem a bit childish but they do a lot for your weight loss efforts. They are also helpful in building strength and endurance as well. Make sure you finish as many jumping jacks as you can, in proper form, for the entire 45 seconds.

Jumping Squats

After the jumping jacks, you should also do jumping squats. Again, you will do as many as you can in 45 seconds. When you are landing, be sure you get down on the heels and put your butt back. That is the proper form and will help you to achieve the most weight loss, especially around your midsection.

Now that you know what the anywhere workout plan is, you can start doing it anywhere and anytime. You know that you need to do more to lose weight. This anywhere workout plan is an excellent start. In addition, make sure your meals consist mostly of vegetables with a bit of meat. Don’t eat a large meal before you workout or you will only be burning off the calories from the food and not already stored fat.

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