Balancing Blood Sugar Levels All Day, Every Day

by Leo Cartland

One of the things to pay attention to when it comes to dealing with your health is your blood sugar levels. There are ways of balancing your blood sugar without using medications. The tips that you will find today are going to help you in doing this all day, every day. First, you need to know that the nutrients you absorb into your body, give you energy and that is turned into glucose in your blood. It is a natural thing for your glucose levels to go up and down. However, if your glucose levels are too drastically changing, it could harm you. Your blood sugar levels shouldn’t be staying elevated either because that could damage your nerves, kidneys and blood vessels. It is very important that you keep your blood sugar levels healthy all day, every day.

Exercising and Dieting

Two of the best ways that you can balance your blood sugar levels all day, every day is by exercising and dieting. Regular exercise is a great start to keeping your blood sugar levels at a balanced level. Dieting doesn’t mean you have to try to lose weight, it just means you should eat healthier and more balanced foods. Avoiding drinks and foods that are higher in simple carbs and sugar is a good tip for following through with a healthy diet.

blood-sugar-levelsEat Higher Fiber and Low Glycemic Foods

There is something called the glycemic index and it is the way that food is measured compared to what it does to your blood sugar levels. When you replace any simple carbs with low glycemic foods that will help in the balance of your blood sugar levels. The foods such as legumes, vegetables, fruits and whole grains are in the low glycemic index. The foods such as packages snacks, processed carbs and sweets are not in this index. Remember to make sure you are eating high fiber foods to get a steady stream of glucose into your blood. When you focus on this, some healthy foods you should have are tofu, dairy, lean meats, nut butter, nuts, legumes, seeds, avocado and olive oil.

Don’t Go Hungry

peanut-butter-bananaIf you get hungry, you need to make sure you eat. If you get too hungry, that is bad for your blood sugar levels. When you fast for a long time or wait too long between each of your meals, that causes issues with your blood sugar levels. The main problem with going hungry for a longer time period is that you will probably eat too much the next time you do eat. This will raise your blood sugar levels dramatically. If you are hungry, make sure to eat something as soon as you can. Additionally, when you are too hungry, the next time you eat you will probably eat something bad for you.

Move Over the Course of the Day

Over the course of the day, you need to make sure you keep moving. Exercise is great but of course you won’t be exercising all day long, every day. You need to make sure you are moving whether that is walking across the house, walking around your desk, going up and down stairs or any other sorts of movement. This is going to help you balance your blood sugar levels. Movement over the course of the day is going to give you so many other health benefits as well.

If you are trying to balance your blood sugar because a medical professional has talked to you about doing so, make sure to discuss with them any options you would like to try. Let them in on these things and make sure to take any medications they give you along with these tips. If you are not on any medications, give any and all of these things a try starting today. You will have balanced blood sugar levels all day, every day and you will feel better as well.

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