What Are the Basics of Testosterone Therapy?

by Leo Cartland

If you have low testosterone levels, you might be wondering what you can do about it. You may have heard some things about testosterone therapy. The truth is there is some information about testosterone therapy that many men just do not know. Before you make a decision on how you will be boosting your testosterone find out more about the basics of testosterone therapy today.

Why is this type of therapy prescribed?

preview-full-what-to-expect-from-testosterone-therapyThere are different reasons why someone might be prescribed testosterone therapy. There are numerous men who have lower testosterone levels, lower testosterone levels with no symptoms or normal testosterone levels with symptoms. These are just some of the many instances in which a man might be prescribed this type of therapy. In many instances, as soon as symptoms of low testosterone arise, men are put on the therapy. The truth is it causes many issues including killing off the natural occurring tester one for good.

What do experts say about testosterone therapy?

You may be surprised to know that experts usually agree that testosterone levels in men drop about 1 to 3 percent every year in men who hit the age of 30. This decline happens every year. There are a couple of other factors that need to be noted and considered. If a man has poor health, this decline could increase in percentage. In addition, expert studies have shown that men between who have other health issues often have a bigger decline in their testosterone levels. Most experts agree that natural ways to boost testosterone are much safer than testosterone therapy.

What are the types of testosterone therapy?

If you have been considering the various type of testosterone therapy, you need to know about what options are available. There is the testosterone patch. You will find that there are two different kinds of patches. One is usually worn on the upper body and put on once each day. There is also one that is put on as a patch to the gums in the mouth two times a day. The gel testosterone is available for skin use or to be put into the nostrils. Additionally, there are injections which are put into the muscles. This is very costly. You may hear about implants that are put under the skin that absorb the testosterone into your bloodstream. Last but not least, there are the testosterone pills that are taken orally but those often damage liver functions.

Is testosterone therapy the same as testosterone supplements?

preview-full-low-t-therapyMany men want to know if testosterone therapy is the same as testosterone supplements. The answer is no. You just read about the various types of testosterone therapy and some of the types of dangers that they present. However, you will find that there are all-natural testosterone supplements like Xtreme Testosterone that is completely safe to use. These supplements have been researched, tested and proven to work in men of all ages.

Now that you know about the basics of testosterone therapy, there are some things that you should be prepared for. If you just want a safe way that you can boost your testosterone, it is a much better choice to go with the all-natural testosterone supplements instead.

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