Benefits of Drinking Water

by Steel Care
a guy drinking a bottle of water

After years and years of learning about health in school, everyone knows that in order to maintain health we should drink 8 glasses of water. However, drinking 8 glasses of water seems almost impossible especially when there are so many other beverages that make up a part of your daily diet. Water should take priority in the beverages that we consume because of the associated health benefits of drinking water.

If you needed a few reasons why you should drink an extra glass of water, here are a few of the benefits associated with drinking water.

Helps you lose weight

As you drink a glass of water, you may be thinking that this water is simply functioning to quench your thirst. However, the benefits of water are way more complex than you may think. Water can actually assist you on your weight loss journey and help you to accomplish your weight loss goals. A study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism explored the ways in which water affects your body through the process of thermogenesis. This study was conducted among 14 men and women of normal weight who were subjected to testing after drinking 500 ml of water.

The research reported that participants saw a 30% increase in their metabolic rate which occurred 10 minutes after drinking the water. Thermogenesis, which is the production of heat within the body, increased by 40%. The production of heat in addition to the increase in the metabolic rate create the perfect conditions for the body to burn calories, thus increases the body’s energy expenditure. Simply drinking 500ml of water can increase your energy expenditure and result in the burning of 96 calories!

If you needed any more encouragement to switch out the can of soda for a bottle of water with your meal, water also increases satiety, making you feel full for longer periods of times thus reducing eating frequency and quantity.

Prevents kidney stones

Benefits of Drinking WaterDrinking water promotes the health of your kidneys as well. On its way through your body, the water is passed and filtered through the kidneys before it is excreted. Drinking water directly affects the health of your kidneys as it gets rid of waste products that are harmful to the body. In a study published by the University of Indonesia’s Department Urology examines how the quantity of water intake affected the development of kidney stones. The participants drank 2 -2.5 liters of water and had they urine analyzed by researchers.

The research revealed that the fluid intake of 2.5 liters a way drastically reduces your probability of developing kidney stones regardless of whether you showed signs of being diagnosed with urolithiasis or have a history of this condition within your family. Water reduces your risk of developing kidney stones diluting and excreting the buildup of mineral concentration which hinders them from crystalizing and potentially creating kidney stones. Drinking water also allows your kidney to maintain its natural functioning.

Prevents dehydration headaches

Not drinking as much water as your body requires can result is a dehydration headache. One of the best remedies to curing a dehydration headache is drinking water. The Journal of Head and Face Pain published an article that examined the remedies to treat a dehydration headache. Of the 34 participants in this research study, 22 participants found relief within 30 minutes of drinking 200 to 1500 ml of water while 11 subjects reported relief from their headaches within 1 to 3 hours after drinking 500 to 1000mls of water. Only one participant required to sleep in addition to drinking water to cure their headache.

The research shows that drinking water for a dehydration headache is the best remedy. However, drinking water can also be used to prevent getting dehydration headaches in the first place. By drinking a sufficient amount of water every day, you decrease your risks of developing dehydration headache and promote your general wellbeing.

Promotes healthy brain functioning

Your next glass of water could be the difference between feeling reduced brain function and working at your brains full range functionality. In a research study published by the British Journal of Nutrition, researchers examined the effect of dehydration in regard to cognitive performance and mood. This study was conducted among 26 men that induced dehydration to examine how it impacts the brain and mood.

The research revealed the dehydration increased errors in visual vigilance and visual memory. Additionally, participants reported feeling an increase in fatigue and anxiety due to dehydration. Staying hydrated not only helps you to maintain a positive mood but allows your brain to work at its full memory capacity. Therefore, it is important for you to stay hydrated, especially in specific events where you will be must sufficient with a good memory and mood, thus promoting a great performance.

Promotes heart function

Surprisingly enough, drinking sufficient water and staying hydrated can help you to maintain your heart health. In a research review published by Nutrition Reviews, researchers examined the effects of water intake and heart functioning. According to the research review, water can lessen your risks of experiencing postural hypotension if Benefits of Drinking Wateryou drink about 300-500 ml of water. This is due to the fact that water reduces your heart rate and increases the blood pressure of individuals who are exposed to hypertensives.

Additionally, this review highlighted that water was also very beneficial in preventing participants from fainting after giving blood. The increase in blood volume has positive effects on the body, and this is also a result of an increase in water intake. Drinking water promotes your heart functioning and also helps the body to maintain a state of health as well.

Although water has no natural associated vitamins or minerals, drinking water helps the body to maintain its health by improving the function of important organs and organs systems. Even carbonated water has great benefits on health, especially constipation. Needed another reason to drink water, water is cheaper to consume as it is provided for free at most institutions so in addition to maintain your health, drinking water can help you to save a few bucks as well.

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