Best Workouts for Friday: You Have Made it Through the Week


Now that you have made it to Friday you should feel very proud of yourself. This is the last day of your work out plan and you just have to finish the work outs below. You are going to find the best work outs to finish off your weekly workout routine right here. Once you have finished these, you have made it through the week. Also, you will be thinking about this day a bit different than the rest. This is the day when the exercises will be more focused on any fitness weaknesses you may have. So, take your NitroGenix 365 supplements and push yourself through because you can do this.

Go with the Cardio

preview-full-best-time-to-perform-cardioJust as with every other day of your weekly workout routine, you should start your day off with the cardio. This is going to help you keep your energy up throughout the rest of the work outs you will be doing for Friday. Go with about 20 to 30 minutes of cardio and then keep going with the rest of Friday’s work out plan until you are finished!

Working Out Your Arms

Remember, this is the day that you are going to focus on any fitness weaknesses that you might have. You will be working out your arms after you have done the cardio time. If you feel that your arm’s need to be worked out more and get more fit, then you should do the Tuesday work out plan. However, you have already done the cardio so you do not have to do that part of the plan again.

Shoulders and Back

preview-full-power-panel-4-top-notch-shoulder-training-techniques-2Now that you have hit Friday, you need to see how you are feeling. If you are still having a difficult time getting through exercises that really work your shoulders and back, you should be focusing on those areas of your body on Friday. If you feel like that is the case for you, you should go back and do the work out plan for Wednesday. Again, you will have already done the cardio so don’t feel like you need to do another rep of cardio at this time.

Abs, Legs and Butt

Friday is the fix your weaknesses day. If you feel like your abs, legs and butt still need to be worked out more then you should go back and do the work out from Monday once again. You will not need to do another rep of cardio since you started today off with that. However, you should work out the same plan as Monday.

Now you have made it through the week for your work out plan. If you feel the need or desire to, when you are going back and doing another day of work out on Fridays, you can add some reps to each of the exercises. Instead of doing 20 to 40 jumping jacks for example, you can do 40 to 80 if you wish. This will help you to improve upon any weaknesses that you may have in your body at this time.

Congratulations! You have made it through one week of workouts! Be proud of yourself and start back up next Monday!