Better Sleep Equals Better Health

by Leo Cartland

When thinking about your health, there are many things that you may need to think about. You may need to think about what medications you take, if any, and making sure they don’t interact with other medications. You may need to think about aging and staying healthy. You may need to think about eating healthier. When thinking about your health, all those things may come to your mind but what about getting better sleep. The majority of men do not get enough sleep regularly. If you want better health you need better sleep. Find out a bit about this today!

Forgetting the 8 Hour Rule

sleep-aloneJust about everywhere you are going to read that you should get 8 hours of sleep. While some people do need to get 8 hours of sleep, seven can do just find for you. In fact, research and studies even show that those who sleep more than seven hours a night have less of a chance of dying after only six years than those who didn’t get this much sleep or who got more than that each night. Those who sleep more actually have a much higher risk of dying. This is a surprising but true statistic you may have never thought of before but keep it in mind from now on.

Red Light

You may not know this but have a red light in your bedroom during the night is beneficial. Most men are playing on their cell phone or watching television while they are in bed. When you are exposed to those lights, you are suppressing your melatonin. That is the hormone that regulates your sleep and wake cycle. It keeps everything in balance. If you use a red light, it is more comforting to your body and less distracting.

Exercising in the Morning

sleep-muscle-growthYou may exercise after you get out of work or even later in the evening. Did you know that exercising in the morning is one of the best things you can do? If you want to get the best sleep at night, exercising in the morning helps with this. Not only does it boost your energy to get things done but by getting more done, you are more worn out at bedtime so you can sleep better.


The only way you are going to sleep better on a regular basis is to be consistent with your sleep schedule. You aren’t going to sleep better if one night you get 7 hours of sleep, the next you get 3 and the next you get 9. That is not going to work for you. You also need to go to bed at the same exact time every night as well!

Don’t Take Naps

Naps are just going to cause you sleeping issues at night. If you take even a 30-minute nap, you are likely to stay up for another couple hours longer than you had planned at night. That can throw your entire sleep schedule off. Just don’t take naps. Push yourself through if you are tired and go to bed on time.

These are some of the ways you can get better sleep. By getting better sleep you are allowing yourself to have better health as well.

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