How Blueberries Improve Your Health

by Leo Cartland
fresh blueberry

Blueberries are one of those tiny fruits that have great health benefits in them. Loaded with significant amounts of proanthocyanidin, blueberries can help the body fight cancer, lose weight, and enhance your skin. They also contain high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and many other antioxidants that make it a wonder little fruit.

By eating a cup of blueberries, you’re able to obtain a wide variety of nutrients, which includes resveratrol, gallic acid, lutein, zeaxanthin, fiber, and the vitamins and mineral mentioned above. Of all the nutritional components present, gallic acid stands out. For one, most people aren’t familiar with it. Secondly, it has undergone a comprehensive amount of research.

These studies then determine gallic acid to be a potent antifungal/antiviral catalyst, as well as an immensely effectual antioxidant. Hence, blueberries having gallic acid among other nutrients make this fruit remarkably healthy and greatly beneficial for the body.

Below are topmost health benefits of blueberries you should know:

1. Fight aging

When it comes to fighting the ravages of time, you’ve got to have a lot of antioxidants in you. These are the ones that help undo the damage done by toxins and free radicals. They also help the body shield itself against harmful bacteria or viruses. As stated earlier, blueberries are also rich in proanthocyanidin, which have been found to have additional anti-aging traits in numerous studies performed on animals.

Most of the studies done on proanthocyanidin have found its capacity to quash inflammation, which is the topmost chronic illness in the world. Basically, inflammation is the root of nearly all health issues. It also strains the body big time. It ultimately causes life-threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

2. Improve the brain

fresh blueberry smoothieThanks to its great levels of phenols, specifically gallic acid, blueberries are recognized as “neuro-protective agents”. In a study performed in Iran, it was found that blueberries have the capacity to protect the brain from neurotoxicity, deterioration, and oxidative stress. Other foods with high amounts of gallic acid are also widely known for their ability to boost brain power. These include blackberries, cashews, hazelnuts, and green tea, among others.

In another research, it was determined that eating blueberries delayed mental deterioration and enhanced memory and motor function. The researchers involved in this study believed these benefits can be attributed to the antioxidants in the fruit as they’re the ones that shield the body from oxidative stress and decrease inflammation.

3. Combat cancer

Scientific evidence has found that the gallic acid in blueberries can kill cancer cells without compromising the healthy ones. This is unlike chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Blueberry has a positive impact on cancer mainly due to their massive assortment of antioxidants with gallic acid being the primary contributor and resveratrol providing a substantial hand.

4. Help with digestion

Since it’s a natural source of soluble and insoluble fiber, blueberries can aid in the management of the gastrointestinal tract. All you need to do is eat a handful of them daily. Experts also agree that the addition of blueberries into one’s diet can also help promote the growth of good bacteria or probiotics in the colon, facilitating better digestive health. A healthy gut then helps normalize other bodily functions for overall health and well-being.

5. Uphold heart health

Eating blueberries can potentially reduce LDL or the bad cholesterol the natural way as it also increases HDL or the good cholesterol. These fruits can also help naturally decrease blood pressure. A research also showed that eating strawberries and blueberries is so beneficial health-wise because doing so can reduce your risk of heart attack by up to 33 percent.

6. Improve the skin

fresh blueberry as beneficial Its benefits on the skin are surely one reason why there are so many blueberry extract skincare products these days. It’s been stated that the vitamins and minerals in blueberries aid in the restoration of hormone balance, which helps to offset acne.

Moreover, blueberries containing resveratrol also means it can lessen the damage caused by over-exposure to the sun, which can physically darken the skin. Apart from these amazing skin health benefits, eating blueberries has also been demonstrated to cure macular degeneration and enhance vision naturally. It doesn’t just improve your skin health, it also makes sure your eyesight is peachy.

7. Support weight loss

Since blueberries are low in calories, low on the glycemic index but high in fiber, it’s the perfect snack if you’re committing yourself to your weight loss management plan. By snacking on these fruits, you’re giving your body lots of essential nutrients while also helping your body shed pounds. You’re making yourself leaner and healthier at the same time. Basically, low glycemic index foods undergo slow absorption, making them stay in the digestive tract for a longer period of time.

As they do, you feel full for many hours, controlling your hunger and your intake of other food. This is the reason why such foods are called slow carbs sometimes. Hence, they may help regulate your appetite and holdup hunger signals so that you don’t eat often and a lot. These definitely can help with weight management. Stabilized blood sugar can also help lower the risk of insulin resistance.

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