Broccoli Sprouts-Can Eating This Microgreen Reduce Your Chance of Developing Cancer?

by Leo Cartland
heaping bowl of Broccoli Sprouts

Microgreens have been steadily increasing in popularity, as they are nutritious foods which can be grown on our own, with little space and monetary investment. Even some one who lives in an apartment in your average city can grow their own microgreens, as a window box is plenty of room.

With the newly found popularity in growing in consuming microgreens, it was inevitable that this trend move to other types of plants as well. One of the newest varieties is something refer to as broccoli sprouts, which is essentially growing your own broccoli at home.

bowl of Broccoli SproutsMany people would make the mistake of believing that broccoli sprouts are nutritionallysimilar to broccoli as they are just image sure versions of this common adults vegetable which we consume. This belief cannot be further from the truth however as this plant matures so does the nutrients it produces and thus the ones which are available to us.

Broccoli sprouts and other types of spouts are typically consumed over their adult counterparts because of their high concentration of certain types of enzymes, called isothiocyanates. These enzymes are ones which the body uses to break down various types of disease causing compounds.

Without diving too much further into the food science behind exactly how this works, essentially broccoli sprouts contain more of these types of beneficial compounds-in some cases 100 times as many than their adult counterparts.

This is of particular interest in the case of reducing our chances of developing all hosts of different forms of cancer, a major reason why many people are turning towards these types of foods.

How Can Eating Sprouts Improve Our Health?

1. Cancer Fighting

These types of foods are of particular interest because of how effective they are in fighting various types of cancer, reasoning being because of their effect on certain enzymes. The process itself is very complicated, however all that we really need to have here is a simple understanding of how enzymes work.

Broccoli Sprouts on toast eaten Enzyme is just a fancy term for an accelerant, which is exactly what an enzyme is as far as chemical process seas are concerned. Without enzymes the body wouldn’t be able to perform certain processes at all, and the ones that it can complete would be done so in a much slower manner.

These types of reactions include everything from how our body breaks down and synthesizes the foods we eat, two things such as the growth of cancer cells and cancer tissues. These types of sprouts help to inhibit the production of certain types of enzymes which accelerates the growth of these cancerous cells, which in turn helps the body fights against the growth of these cancerous tissues.

2. Protects Brain and Cardiovascular System

Another major benefit that broccoli sprouts ends many other types of sprouts provide to our health is that they are rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Inflammation in the brain in particular is a major root cause of virtually every type of degenerative disease, including major threats such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other similar conditions.

We can apply the same idea to our cardiovascular system, as inflammation is a root cause of many of diseases that affect this here as well. Inflammation of our blood vessels negatively affects the cardiovascular system because essentially reduces the surface area available within these blood vessels, meaning that the heart has to exert more effort in pumping blood for these areas.

More stress on the heart means a greater potential of problems such as heart attacks and strokes, hence why we want to include plenty of anti-inflammatory foods within our diet.

3. Overall Detoxification

All of the phytonutrients which are available within broccoli sprouts are going to help detoxify the body, which improves out health as a whole. We ingest toxins from many different sources of our environment, many of which we are completely oblivious to. Between the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and other sources of environmental toxins and our body can become overloaded.

Broccoli Sprouts can provide the body with a necessary nutrients it needs to remove these toxins from the system, including potential environmental carcinogens which can cause a whole host of different types of cancers.

Final Thoughts

Buckley sprouts are of food that everyone should consider including more of in their diet as they are extremely nutritious, are easily grown, and can be done by virtually anyone. Eating these foods com with little risk as well, as the only potential side effects seen are with certain pain medications. Make sure to check to see if your medication interacts with broccoli sprouts before consumption.

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