Does Calcium Plus Work?

by Leo Cartland
calcium supplement capsule

Getting to know the product

Surely, you’re aware how essential calcium is to the body. We all need this mineral to construct fortified bones and sustain their strength. The thing is that as we get older, the bones naturally become fragile. With this, it is crucial to protect the bones by augmenting the consumption of calcium. Moreover, calcium aids in the prevention of weak bones, which leads to the condition called osteoporosis. The said condition typically affects the elderly because of the aging factor. Basically, there are two means to obtain this mineral daily. One is to eat more foods high in calcium, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, and broccoli, among others.

bone with osteoporosisRegrettably, it’s hard for most people to obtain adequate calcium from foods alone because of varying lifestyles. Fortunately, there’s another way you can obtain sufficient amount of this mineral and this is through supplementation. By this, you can take a calcium supplement daily anytime, anywhere, so it’s pretty much expedient. All you need to do is ingest 1-2 calcium supplements every day and your body is able to get the adequate amount of calcium that it requires to protect and strengthen your bones. One of the calcium supplements available in the market is Calcium Plus. Here, we’re going to get to know this calcium supplementation and assess its capacity to identify if it’s something worth considering or not.

The ingredient profile

The components in any supplements are what make a certain product effective or futile. By including high-quality elements, a product has the potential to be effective. In Calcium Plus’ case, here are the ingredients present in the formula:

Vitamin D3
Vitamin K

Understanding how it functions

Fundamentally, this supplement is a mixture of seven vitamins and minerals, as enumerated above. This is what makes Calcium Plus an ideal formulation with the aim of overall bone health and wellness. It also comes in softgels, which are more convenient to ingest because they’re easier to swallow than the hard capsules or pills. Calcium Plus doesn’t just have calcium; it also has other vitamins and minerals for the purpose of boosting the assimilation of calcium in the body. These nutrients are also said to collaborate in making sure that your bone health is secured. Hence, Calcium Plus is developed to fortify bones and lessen the possibility of fractures and other health issues triggered by calcium deficiency.

The product features

Calcium Plus has sufficient quantity of calcium to support healthy and robust bones.
This supplement also has other components that are equally essential for maximized calcium amalgamation.

The product is manufactured by Jamieson Laboratories, which is the largest and oldest manufacturer of health supplements in Canada.

calcium supplementCalcium Plus can also provide other health gains, such as helping consumers reduce their high blood pressure and lessen PMS. It is also claimed that the supplement can help relieve insomnia and prevent osteoporosis in women after experiencing menopause.
It is easy to take since it is in soft gel form.

However, Calcium Plus isn’t widely accessible as it’s not offered in all retail stores. The product can also be more expensive compared to similar supplements in the market. The product site of Calcium Plus does not also present elaborate details as to how each of the components in the formula precisely works to achieve the claimed benefits.

Safety reminders and precautions

It is important that you only take adequate amount of calcium, not lower and not higher. Excessive intake of calcium can have medical repercussions, such as it may damage the absorption of iron which can result in iron deficiency. There can also be possible interactions since calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium may get in the way with certain medications including anticoagulants and calcium channel blockers. For this reason, it is crucial that you speak with your physician first prior to taking this supplement or any other dietary products for that matter. To make sure you don’t encounter any side effects, stick to Calcium Plus’ instructions.

Is Calcium Plus the real deal?

Generally, Calcium Plus is a decent supplement for ensuring your bones’ protection and overall health. Nonetheless, the product isn’t widely accessible since it’s not offered in all retail stores. In this case, you can make your purchase online though you need to be careful with online retailers. Stick with the well-known ones. Other customers find Calcium Plus a bit more expensive, but quality-wise it’s a good choice. But, if saving money is a priority, there are other less costly brands. Just make sure that you’ll do research on every supplement you come across in the web.

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