What is Calorie Cycling and Does it Work?

by Leo Cartland

If you have heard of calorie cycling and you are here for more information, you are going to be impressed. Does calorie cycling work? Is it the right thing for you? Many diets are going to work by tracking your intake of food until you lose weight. When you keep your intake of food under the needs of your body until you reach your target weight that is a normal approach. However, calorie cycling works a bit differently. You will alternate your intake of daily calories. On certain days, you may even get to have more calories in addition to what your body will need. If you keep your calories the same every day, your body gets too used to it and you will stop losing weight. With calorie cycling, your energy levels will vary which keeps metabolism high enough to lose weight consistently.

Is Calorie Cycling Efficient?

calorie-cycling-the-easy-wayThere is research that shows those who do calorie cycling will have more weight loss. While more research is needed, it should be known that this method is like intermittent fasting and may give you some of the same results as those plans would. You could have success with this plan but it might not be efficient for everyone. You should always talk to your doctor before you begin any kind of weight loss plan.

What is This Type of Weight Loss Plan Like?

When losing weight, you may hear about getting rid of processed foods, empty calories and sugar. You will hear that limiting those foods is better for your health and it is. However, when you use a calorie cycling plan, you will not have as many restrictions as most other types of weight loss programs. You should still get rid of empty calories and sugar but you can still have some simple carbs like cereals and breads. Many weight loss plans will tell you to stop eating carbs but with calorie cycling you should put more focus on eating fast and slow carbs. Mixing them up allows your body to have more fuel and more energy too. These two things lead to more weight loss. With this type of plan, your body needs to be fed for performing adequately.

What About Varying Energy with Calorie Cycling?

If you are going to follow through with calorie cycling, you need to vary your levels of energy. You can do this by changing the number of calories you get every day. Some days you might only get 1,500 calories and other days you might get 2,400 calories. You shouldn’t eat too many foods that are unhealthy, even on the days you get in more calories. However, you can have some treats.

How is Calorie Cycling Different Than Other Weight Loss Plans?

how-does-carb-cycling-workWhen losing weight, you can use calorie cycling. It is different than other weight loss plans. Studies show that restricting calories can help in weight loss but calorie cycling works better for many men. Additionally, research shows that those who follow through with calorie cycling instead of other diets are more satisfied. Calorie cycling also provides the person trying to lose weight with better glucose, triglycerides and blood cholesterol levels than with other plans. It has also been shown that calorie cycling and adding in caffeine can help in losing even more weight. You can easily get all-natural caffeine to add into your weight loss plan.

You now have more information about calorie cycling. It has been shown that this plan is right for many men. Some men have lost more weight with calorie cycling than they have with any other weight loss plan they have tried. If you want a successful way to lose weight, you may want to try to cycle your calories.

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