If You Care About Her Pleasure…Follow These Tips


Sex can’t just be about you getting off. If that is your sole focus, you can almost be assured you aren’t going to give her the pleasure she needs. If you care about her pleasure before, during and after sex, there are some tips that are going to help you show her that.

preview-full-shutterstock_303137849Teach Yourself

Maybe you have had sex a lot and maybe you haven’t. Either way there is always something else that you can learn about how to please a woman. There are many moves you may not have tried. There are different ways of pleasing her through her g-spot. You can find many sex toys that will help to stimulate her as well. If you really do care about her pleasure, teach yourself what you don’t know and refresh your skills on the things you do know.

Treat Her Special

There are no two women who are exactly the same in the bedroom. If you treat every woman the same, you aren’t going to get very far in having a sex life with them. You need to treat every woman special. Make them feel as if they are the best and the more unique. This is going to turn her on, make her feel important and hence get you more pleasure too!

preview-full-shutterstock_340764065Difference in Sexual Preferences

If you just assume that whatever you enjoy during sex is going to please her, think about this again. If you want to please her you must understand that the two of you may have a difference in sexual preferences. Maybe she likes to be on top. Maybe she wants to have longer foreplay than what you are used to. Maybe she needs you to get harder. If you don’t usually get very hard, you can fulfill her pleasure by taking Sexual Overdrive supplements.

Let Her Take Time to Orgasm

You can already bet that she knows you are going to orgasms before her. Men generally have an orgasm or need to get off well before a woman is ready. You need to let her take time to orgasm. If you rush her, that is going to put pressure on her and she may not end up having an orgasm at all. That isn’t going to be good for you if you want to have sex with her again. You can take care of this by giving her more teasing and foreplay before you start intercourse. This way you might be able to get her to have an orgasm before you even start having sex.

Talk to Her

Talking to the woman you have sex with is one of the best ways you can show her that you care about her pleasure. You can listen to her about past relationships; emotional and sexual. The more you listen, the more you may learn about what she likes and doesn’t like. The communication you have with your sexual partner can also make or break whether the sex is going to be good or not. You don’t just have to communicate with words either. You may not know it yet but just your touch is a way of communicating and talking to your partner. The gentler and softer you touch her, the more you can turn her on without being passive sexually.

Now that you know that you need to do certain things if you want to show her that you care about her pleasure, you can put things into action. You may have just gone about sex and not put too much thought into it before. However, if you want to have more pleasure yourself and you want to make sure she has a lot of pleasure as well, these are some things you need to start doing.