Having Digestive Issues? Make Sure You Cut Out These Things!

by Leo Cartland

There are so many men who suffer from digestive issues. You may be embarrassed to talk about it but the truth is sometimes you need to in order to get help and relief. You know the issues all to well. You know how uncomfortable it is to experience painful stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, heartburn and other digestive issues. It is important for you to know what foods your stomach enjoys and which ones makes your stomach hate you.

soda-glassesAvoiding Sugary Soda

You may think they taste good but you need to avoid sugary soda. These are drinks that have nothing to benefit your health or nutrition. They are filled with artificial ingredients and sugar and they have no nutritional value. You may already know this but sugary sodas are the leading cause of diabetes. The sugar in these sodas actually changes how your body can metabolize energy. The sugars in these sodas also change how yeast and bacteria react.


Yes, you may hear that people need to eat gluten-free and it is true, especially when it comes to trying to protect a nutritious lifestyle. Gluten is found in so many things such as wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is the number one cause for many sorts of digestive issues. You may know of at least one of your friends or family members who has an intolerance of allergy to gluten. It is the main compound of celiac disease and it is difficult for the body to digest. So many people who have a gluten intolerance will feel bloated or gassy after they have eaten. If you feel this way, make sure you are eating gluten-free from now on.

Saturated Trans Fats

trans_fat_0_label_570Saturated trans fats have no nutritional value for you either. When talking about your digestion, you will see this even further as the truth. This type of fat is so difficult for the body to digest which means it hangs out in your stomach for many hours. This leads to more bloating and gas. It also can lead you to feeling fatigued and lethargic. The saturated trans fats are thick and they stop essential nutrients in the intestine from being absorbed. In addition, they cause a decrease in the amount of cell production in your body. They are definitely not something you want to be putting into your body.

Artificial Sweeteners

There has never been a more despicable substance than artificial sweeteners. They are all the buzz in many who are saying they want to avoid sugar. The truth is they are far worse because they are toxic. Studies show they actually do cause cancer. One in particular, aspartame, is created by the company that made a weapon called agent orange. Think about this…a company that makes weapons to kill human beings makes an ingredient that is used in diet-sodas. This right here tells you not to put it into your body. The most common problem with using artificial sweeteners when it comes to digestion is bloating but there are other health problems in addition to this. Use natural sweeteners like honey if you need some sweetness, never use artificial sweeteners.

Start getting rid of digestive issues by getting rid of these things from your diet!

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