Don’t Give Up on Shower Sex – Try these Tricks!


For anyone who has ever tried it, shower sex is so much more glamorous in the movies than it ever is in person. Despite what they tell you, the slippery sud-soaked cage is actually a lair for injury and soap in the eyes. While you envisioned water rushing off her slick body, streaming between her buttocks, while she soaps you in slow motion, the reality is that one of you is getting cold, while the other one has water in their eyes. Also, nobody ever made it clear that shower sex takes a whole lot of physical work and is expressly more difficult if there is a notable height difference between the two of you.

However, never fear, there are ways around these obstacles, allowing you to experience that film-fantasy sex you have seen so many times in the cinema and never truly fulfilled in life! Although your previous experience may have led you to have a negative outlook on shower sex, it can, in fact, be improved by a wise selection of sexual positions and trying a few of these tips and tricks:

  1. Hand-holds

preview-full-showerIf you are in a shower without anything to grab on to, you are going to have a harder time. When the shower gets wet, you feel like you are slipping down the side of a building to certain death. Try investing in a suction handle or putting up a sturdy shower shelf. Giving yourself, and particularly her, something to hold on to means you can create some stability.

  1. Non-stick mats

This is something we should probably all invest in generally. Why do we think shower safety is reserved for old people, why not make sure we’re not about to do a horror movie slip and crack our head on the toilet. Equally, imagine the two of you are trying stand-up doggy style against the wall, you can thrust with a little more force if you know your feet are not going to give way from underneath you.

  1. Silicon-based lube

Something the movies always forget to mention: water is the worst kind of lubrication device there is. This means that sometimes, no matter how hard you might be, or how excited she might be, her juices are getting washed away to give the impression of a very wet piece of sandpaper. Why not bring a silicon-based lube into the bathroom. It won’t get washed off so easily by the shower, and it will allow you to slip in with a lot more ease.

  1. Choose positions wisely

preview-full-hotIf you cannot lift her, just admit it to yourself, before you try lifting her up and you end up cracking both your heads open. Do not try anything acrobatic if you are unsure of your own strength. The easiest position is from behind, with her facing the wall, slightly bent over. If she is taller than you, you may have her stand with her back against the wall and have her wrap one leg around you, keeping the other safely on solid non-slip-mat footing.

Heed these words and shower sex will suddenly feel much easier to manage. Make sure to angle the shower away from your eyes, and if you really want to keep yourself ready to go, sneakily keep her a little in the cold to see those nipples harden. One last tip, a harder erection will help to slide straight in, so try adding a supplement such as ‘Sexual Overdrive’ to your life! It will keep you erect for longer, even if you suddenly run out of hot water!