Does Evogen CELL K.E.M Work?

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About Evogen CELL K.E.M

The manufacturer Evogen has already produced the supplements Carnigen, IsoJect, and EVP. These products are getting known in multiple review sites, as well as supplement forums. It’s now getting further recognition thanks to the release of the new BCAA supplement called Evogen CELL K.E.M. The company seems to be doing well with its creations. In review sites, their supplements have an average rating of 8 out of 10, which means that a lot of customers appreciate the products being offered by Evogen. With this, it appears that the manufacturer is on the right path. Will CELL K.E.M be as effectual as its company’s other supplements? Let’s find out.

Essentially, CELL K.E.M, or Cellular Kinetic Expansion Matrix is mainly BCAAs but with a combination of vitamins and minerals. Consumers don’t only need BCAAs for working out, they also need a full mixture of nourishing components to help users develop muscles, as well as avoid muscle loss whilst undergoing the cutting stage of workouts. To know whether CELL K.E.M is an effective BCAA supplement and a competitive option in the industry, we’ll evaluate it further to get to know its composition and other important details.

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More Info on CELL K.E.M

Technically, this supplement is not 100 percent BCAA. The other components mixed in CELL K.E.M’s formula are vitamins, which you can also get from taking multivitamins and food sources. For instance, you can easily get Vitamin C, Niacin, and B6 from multivitamins and foods you eat. As for the minerals Calcium and Phosphorus which are also present in CELL K.E.M’s formulation, they actually have only minimal effect to the overall efficacy of CELL K.E.M’s formula.

CELL K.E.M Consumers

We all know that products like CELL K.E.M, which are mostly composed of BCAAs are typically used by athletes and bodybuilders. This is especially true if they’re undergoing the cutting stage. BCAAs are essential in one’s training regimen as it decreases the possibility of muscle disintegration caused by the stress and strain of high-intensity workouts. Despite the intensity of such exercises, they’re still crucial part of cardio exercises, especially if you want to see the positive effects more quickly.

How Efficient Is CELL K.E.M?

The manufacturer Evogen is not as well-known as other companies with the likes of MusclePharm and Muscle Tech. Despite this, Evogen seems to understand what is required of them to deliver worthwhile supplements. On the other hand, it is also essential to point out that BCAAs are best when formulated in the simplest form, meaning no additions of other components, which won’t contribute the effectiveness of the supplement in the first place.

Given our experience with the supplementation of BCAAs, it would be far greater to combine it with supplementing the body with nitric oxide enhancers. For example, the product Nitrogenix 365 can decrease the possibility of collapse of the muscles.

Moreover, CELL K.E.M also contains Arginine AKG and Citrulline. However, it’s not indicated how much of these components are included in CELL K.E.M’s formula. Without the specific dosages, it would be hard to gauge the ingredients’ effectiveness in the formulation, or whether said dosages are sufficient in the first place. Also without this information, it would be impossible to gauge the side effects.

Notwithstanding, CELL K.E.M is still an efficient supplement. The inclusion of Glutamine and Creatine is well executed. Both these components are especially crucial to decrease the possibility of muscle collapse whilst undergoing high-intensity training. It helps the users surpass vigorous workouts with the possible threats of injuries. Given this, you’re able to experience maximized results. Though the blend of these components is fine, you would still wonder if taking it separately would produce greater outcome than mixing it all in a single formulation.

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What are the Components?

In any supplements, the ingredient profile is the core. Without its components, the products would be rendered futile, obviously. Below are the ingredients present in CELL K.E.M:

BCAA 4:1:1

Arginine AKG

Citrulline Malate



Final Recommendation

CELL K.E.M is an ideal supplement if you want to use something that combines a lot of ingredients that are often used in training and bodybuilding. It has BCAAs to help you with that, for sure. Plus, since it’s a blend of other components, you’re also saving money. After all, you don’t need to purchase separate supplementations of other components. On the other hand, other ingredients in CELL K.E.M’s formula don’t have their specific dosages. So, there’s no way of knowing if there are enough of them to make a difference. Also, stacking supplements is better than taking a blend if your purpose is to bring your training to a higher level.