Family & Food Can Mix

by Steel Care
family preparing healthy meal together

Men over 25 provide for a lot. Stressing over how to provide for their kids, significant others, and even other family members. Times are hard and eating healthy in a world where there’s a delicious greasy burger on every corner is really easy, simple, and even affordable.

        However, it not healthy, relying on things like quick and easy fast food, are sure signs to put you at high risk for things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and even stroke or heart attack. Greasy foods are high salts and have little to no nutrients for the body. High cholesterol levels, increase your chance for strokes and heart attack. Several consumptions of greasy and fatty foods eventually can clog arteries and cause heart attacks and eventually even death.  

        Greasy foods filled with sugar that turns into unhealthy fat not only set you up for the risk of strokes but heart attacks, and high blood pressure as well. Greasy foods also put you at risk for diabetes. A disease that is caused by too much sugar and not enough healthy nutrients in the blood. Preventing this is easy, eating right regularly. It starts simple by the parents in the world teaching their child about the rights and wrongs about food. Knowing about what you should and shouldn’t eat is called discussing the nutrients in the body. Studying of the body and the bad or good that we put into it. You should notice this when checking nutrient labels on food and looking into what you are putting into your body.

        There are warning signs for developing diabetes, one way is overweight and obesity. Being overweight puts you at high risk for diabetes because it means that you are already not eating properly. Warning signs for diabetes include increased thirst or dry mouth, blurred vision, headaches, and urine infections. Sometimes, many don’t even experience symptoms but you should always be checked to avoid the chance of developing diabetes. Diabetes along with high blood pressure can also be inherited throughout blood lines.

kids eating healthy vegetables        A way to avoid things such as diseases and high blood pressure are easily avoidable by teaching young children about food groups and eating healthy. Rewards such as trips to their favorite restaurant are appreciated but understanding limitations are fatal. There are five food groups: vegetables, fruit, grains, meats, and dairy. Understanding options in all five food groups are fun ways to assure your child understands what it means to eat smart and healthy.

Below are ways descriptions of all five food groups.


Vegetables are plants that are consumed by all aspects of life. They provide nutrients and natural sources of vitamins, fibers, and even healthy ways to increase things like potassium. Examples of vegetables are tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, spinach, cucumbers, lettuce, and cabbage.


Fruits are the seed carrying organism in flowering plants, sometimes called angiosperms. They provide natural sources of sugar, sodium, and calories that are all used to provide energy and nutrients throughout the body. Examples of fruits are apples, pears, plums, peaches, pineapples, blackberries, strawberries, and even raspberries.


Grains provide fiber. Enabling the body to reduce constipation and several other diseases. Keeping the body free of toxins and motivating the colons. Examples of grains are noodles, cereals, rice, wheat, oatmeal, and pasta.


Many of everyone’s favorite. A nice juicy piece of meat can provide iron and protein motivating an energized body by providing healthy fats to the body. The nutrients in meat are very essential for a child’s growth and development. Examples of meat are beef, pork, chicken, lamb, duck, and poultry. It is best to eat to eat more lean and skinless chicken to make sure that the child’s diet doesn’t have too much fat.


happy children eating strawberries with milkDairy serves as a source of protein and protection in keeping bones healthy and strong. Examples of dairy are yogurt, cream cheese, butter, ice cream, cheese, and milk. Dairy also provides fiber in keeping bowel movements regular and reducing stomach cramps and pains, and as well as fighting against constipation.

You want to try your best to stay away from junk food.

        There have been studies that show that eating foods that are high in fat and sugar can cause changes to the chemical activity in the brain and make you more dependent on junk food. It is okay to have cookies and cake every now and then but you should not eat things that are full of empty calories on a daily basis. Eating junk food is a sure way to increase obesity, cardiovascular diseases and many other health issues. Instead of reaching for a donut as a snack, try eating a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

        Following these five food groups lower the risk of raising a child that is not well aware of fighting against preventable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and as well as death. Heart attacks rarely happen in children but even as an adult there are several warning signs that go along with it. Having a heart attack can result in strain to the heart and can sometimes eventually lead to death. It is a shame that all of these preventable diseases could have been avoided and managed just by taking care of yourself and eating correctly.

Eating from all food groups and maintaining a strict diet also lowers your risk of any of these illnesses.

        The body is a powerful and strong temple and should be treated as such. Teaching your children along this journey will help motivate a family of smart and healthy humans. Daily exercises even after just thirty minutes is enough, getting out and going to the playground with your children and not just sitting on the bench or staying in the car, bicycle riding, jogging and walking, as well as just dancing and goofing around are all activities that a family can accomplish together. Nobody wants to do it alone, a family can eat right and enjoy life. Instilling the right values and healthy ideals into children.

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