Does Fat Girl Six Pack Work?

by Leo Cartland
ft woman with flat belly and abs

Getting to Know the Supplement

Fat Girl Six Pack is a weight loss supplement that’s being touted to generate remarkable fat loss benefits. Nowadays, there are numerous kinds of fat loss products ranging from supplements to topical products. While the former still is the most prominent form of product, topical solutions are also gaining recognition for their convenience and some brands can be quite effectual. But how to know which brand works and which one doesn’t? In this case, the only way to have an idea of which product has the potential is to perform comprehensive research. Get to know a brand before making a purchase. In this article, we’ll discuss the effectiveness of Fat Girl Six Pack.

Defining Fat Girl Six Pack

fit woman flat stomach absBased on the information provided on the product site, Fat Girl Six Pack is a toning gel for the stomach which works by composing six main ingredients. The product touts to be capable of toning the stomach area while making the skin more compact at the same time. It also has an abdomen-activating applicator to ascertain that the components are completely assimilated. On the other hand, it has a disclaimer saying that Fat Girl Six Pack isn’t a weight loss product, but rather something that can only make the skin firmer. Hence, Fat Girl Six Pack is more ideal for those people who have shed a lot of pounds since they have loose skin.

Who’s the Manufacturer?

Fat Girl Six Pack is manufactured by the company called Bliss. It started its operations in 1996 where it began as a spa in NYC. The company is quite recognized for launching an innovation in spa industry, which mixes efficient services with a cool and trendy ambiance. Globally, there are eight spas that the company owns. Bliss then ventured into creating skincare products.

What are the Assertions?

The main assertion the company makes is that Fat Girl Six Pack enhances the look of one’s tummy by making the skin firm and toned. As mentioned, there aren’t guarantees or promises from the company that their product is able to help people lose weight. It is only developed to be a part of one’s objective to achieve a nicely, sculpted figure by improving the look of the muscles in the abdomen.

What are the Components?

The ingredients in Fat Girl Six Pack are as follows:

Caffeine, creatine, oat kernel extract, menthol, latex-rich Manilkara tree extract and a special botanical extract.

Understanding its Functions

fit woman with 6 pack absIt is important to note that Fat Girl Six Pack isn’t a weight loss product. It only generates a slimming outcome by eliminating surplus water in the target area. It also brings out a firmer and more toned skin, so that the slimming effect becomes more prominent. Fat Girl Six Pack is great as a skin-forming product and a lot of individuals use it for addressing their cellulites or sagginess. Nevertheless, some complain about its lack of effect in terms of slimming and toning.

What are the Risks?

Since Fat Girl Six Pack’s formula is mostly composed of natural ingredients, it doesn’t have any serious side effects. Still, some may have allergies to any of the components included here. If you have super sensitive skin, speak with a dermatologist first prior to using it.

Product Features

Fat Girl Six Pack’s formula is composed of natural components

It has caffeine, which instantly eliminates surplus water

It has potent components that can help with firming and toning the skin

Some of the main components here are clinically tested

There are some good reviews

There’s a massaging applicator to make sure that it’s fully absorbed

Nevertheless, Fat Girl Six Pack’s company does not provide a satisfaction guarantee. It can be a little costly for some with its price of $38 for a 4.9 oz tube.

Bottom Line

Fat Girl Six Pack claims to make the tummy slimmer and firmer, but it’s not basically a fat loss product. Its only slimming effect is by eliminating surplus water, which isn’t enough slimming mechanism if you’re really trying to lose weight. Hence, Fat Girl Six Pack can be a good product if you’re only trying to get rid of saggy skin or cellulites. But if you’re looking for something that can help you with your weight loss management plan, Fat Girl Six Pack isn’t the one for you. Plus, its effect of removing excess water is only fleeting. Once you stop using it, this water you thought was removed would go back.

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