Feeling Confused About Conflicting Fitness Advice? These Tips May Help

by Steel Care
confused about fitness

When you rely on the internet for your fitness plans, you can get into the maze of varying and oftentimes conflicting fitness advice. The more resources you look into to gain clarity, the more confused you get. The conflicting information keeps you paralyzed, and you may end up doing nothing at all. Or you may have followed one fitness coach after another and find no results.

After a series of failures and not going anywhere, you simply give up. And you may have possibly beaten yourself up for not achieving any fitness goals you have set for yourself.

Don’t give up just yet, the following tips may help you overcome information overload and create the right fitness plan that truly works for you.

  1. Follow the one that feels right for you

Creating a fitness plan is like choosing between Taekwondo and Karate as a way of teaching yourself Martial Arts defense. The two methods might be different, but it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. The two methods can work great to any person who feels ease and comfort in doing them.

The same is true in the world of fitness. No method is much better than the other when you’re comfortable doing them and your body is responding well. Instead of getting confused due to the thousand choices, pick one that you feel is what you need most. Getting specific on what you want is the key.

fit guy lifting weightsAsk yourself how you want your body to look like, whether you want to have six pack abs or some bulging muscles. Then start from there. Look for the kind of training that can help you grow muscles.

This doesn’t end your confusion, though. After this, you have to choose between training your muscles five times per week or three times. Research shows that people respond differently to the same training program. It may work for one while it may not for another. The best way you can do is try one and be patient enough to do it until you get better results.

Give your body enough time to adjust and cooperate. When results seem unfavorable, you can then try another one. And try to avoid comparing yourself with a gym buddy. He may get faster results because the program suits him best while it does not for you. This is the main reason why fitness advice conflict with each other. The training program that works best for one person would not always be the right one for another.

  1. Try different methods

Be open and try different methods. For example, you can choose to follow one program for three months and try another after. You may want to train for karate first then go for taekwondo after you’ve learned the basic skills. Having gone through these different training gives you the best idea of which discipline you want to follow through and become an expert at. You also have the firsthand experience on the benefits the two programs have given you.

  1. Be open to learning from others

Though you know finding your own best way is the way to go, never stop learning. No matter how confusing it can get, you can still expand your knowledge by learning from others. Learn more from mastermind blogs, paid products, and comments from real people.

Follow two or three blogs that you most believe in and delve deeper into their environment. Read the comments from readers as well as the answers from the bloggers. You can also join their masterclass to get into the group and understand more the idea behind a specific fitness program. This can help you manage information overload and save time and effort by not jumping from one site to another.

  1. Don’t easily take the bait of what’s new

Everything new almost always makes a buzz. People can get excited about it, try it, see results, and then try the newest one that seems more promising. The truth is, most of what people consider new and evolutionary are actually old ideas that have been tweaked to make it look something new. What often works are the ideas that have stood through the test of time.

Feeling Confused About Conflicting Fitness Advice? These Tips May HelpTake, for example, yoga. In recent decades, yoga has created a buzz in the Western world because it’s something new. Social media is packed with different yogis doing unbelievably incredible poses. But in India, this isn’t a fad. It’s been around for thousands of years. And Indians have been doing it to enhance their spiritual connection.

So, when someone suggests you of a new five-minute workout that can get you in your best shape fast, think again. It can either be an old idea or a totally new one that is bound to vanish when something new comes.

  1. Do things right on a consistent basis

Doing a few things right on a consistent basis can do the trick. This can give you much better results than jumping from one training program to another in a short period of time.

Only that the problem could be not always having difficulty figuring out what things could turn out right, rather it’s in being afraid of what could go wrong. You would never know when a thing is right unless you try it. You should give up your fears. Take courage and do what you believe is the right thing for you even when you’re unsure of yourself. Avoid what others call analysis paralysis. By thinking too much about something, you’re exhausting yourself to the point of doing nothing at all.

You should learn from successful people, especially from the ones who consider themselves as fitness experts. Surely, most of them start from point blank. By moving beyond their confusion, facing their fears, focusing on what work and giving up what doesn’t, they’re able to move up the fitness ladder.

You can work your way through it too. And you can begin by taking that first step. Fail if you must but know that failures are not designed to stop you. They’re there to help you improve your choices, especially with regards to your fitness plans and goals.

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