Fruits to Avoid While on a Diet

by Steel Care

Fruits are delicious, and we cannot deny that. They are nature’s candy. Their sugar is natural and is rarely overbearing. Fruits give us energy and nutrients we need while tasting like a candy cane. It’s hard to imagine not eating fruits especially since they are an essential group of most diet. A healthy diet is composed of primarily fruits and vegetables. So, how come something so good may be bad for you?

Truth to be said, not all fruits are bad for you. They contribute to diabetes and liver disease. The ones that have higher sugar contents than others and they are the ones you need to avoid. While they provide necessary nutrients and are necessary, there are some fruits you should avoid if you want to stay on your diet.


Cherries are sugar overload in tiny packages. Since they’re small, people tend to eat a lot of them at once. However, one cup of cherry contains more than 17 grams of sugar. That’s almost the same amount as one cup of mango. Cherries are one of the highest sugar contents among all fruits. It also contains a nutrient called FODMAP which can cause bloating because of how difficult it is to digest them. If you want to avoid bloating and sugar loading, it’s best to pick a fruit other than a cherry to snack on.


Mangoes are one of the tastiest fruits to eat, and that’s because they are at the top of the list when it comes to high sugar content in fruits. One cup of mango contains about 23 grams of sugar. It also packed a pretty hefty number of calories, 100 per cup. Mangoes are definitely not the fruit for you if you’re on a weight loss diet. If you love mangoes that much and can’t live without tasting it, eat slices instead of a smoothie. Also, mix it up with another fruit with low sugar content, so you don’t end up eating too much of the mango.


Oranges are the main fruits to eat to get the maximum amount of vitamin C. However, they should be banished from your fruit salads for everything else. Among citrus fruits, they have the most amount of calories and sugars. Their juice is even worse. It packs almost the same amount of sugar as a soda can.

Fruits to Avoid While on a DietDestroying your weight loss plans is not the worst thing that oranges are doing to you. They are also destroying your teeth. Oranges have one of the highest levels of acid among fruits. It’s so acidic that it’s causing your teeth to slowly rot. It decreases the hardness of your enamel and makes it become harder by eroding your teeth. When your enamel becomes rough, your teeth erode even more quickly. They do almost the same amount of damages as sugary drinks. If you like to drink orange juice, it’s best to have it through a straw to protect your teeth.


The good news about bananas is that they taste great and have plenty of nutrients necessary for a healthy life. The bad news is that it’s mainly sugars and carbs. More than 90% of bananas’ calories, which is about 120 calories per cup, come from carbs. Its mass is made up of 16 percent sugar. The riper they are, the higher their sugar contents. Starch nutrients that serve as fiber in unripe bananas become sugar in the ripe ones. Also, bananas have a high glycemic index (GI). A higher GI means that your body will absorb it faster. Therefore, blood sugar levels will fluctuate rapidly. Bananas are great as a quick energy boost, but they will cause you to crash as fast as they brought you up.


Dates have one of the highest glycemic indexes at 103, more than glucose’s 100 score. It has more sugar than pure glucose which is the body’s natural sugar. Therefore, dates can cause sugar crashes and overload your blood sugar levels.


Watermelon is the best fruit for when you’re dehydrated. It’s 92 percent water. It has many nutrients such as potassium, copper, vitamin E and A. Its underlining is high in citrulline which turns into the amino acid arginine. Arginine helps to protect your lungs, reproductive system and heart. It helps in easing muscle soreness and lowering blood pressure. It’s the ideal fruit after a workout for muscle gain, but it’s a poor choice if you’re on a weight loss diet.

Fruits to Avoid While on a DietWhile watermelons are popular and contain mainly water, you should avoid them while on a diet. Watermelons have higher sugar content and glycemic index (GI) than most other fruits. It’s also a bad source of fiber. Go easy on them on the fruit salads. It’s easy to overeat them since they are not very filling, and they don’t last long. Eat the slices instead juices to limit yourself.


Pineapples are a tropical fruit with many health benefits. It has vitamin C and manganese. It also has the enzyme bromelain which helps to fight certain diseases, stop diarrhea, and absorb antibiotics. It has been used to treat inflammation, sport injuries, and quicker healing after surgery.

However, it’s not the best choice for when you’re trying to lose weight. Although the glycemic index of pineapple is lower than the ones of bananas and watermelons, it’s still high. So, it won’t keep you full for long and will cause a crash.


Lychees are a tropical fruit from Asia. They are mainly found in India and southern China. They score very high on the glycemic index scale, so eat them sparingly even though they will not end your hunger. They are also the reasons behind a seasonal epidemic that happened in Muzaffarpur, India, for over 20 years. The less ripe ones contain a toxin that will keep people from synthesizing glucose. Therefore, if you have low blood sugar levels, they will land you an overnight stay at your local emergency room. Only eat them if you’re sure that your blood sugar levels are high enough to handle a stop in synthesis. Otherwise it’s fatal for you.

While fruits are good for you, too much can cause more troubles than they are worth. Avoid fruits with high sugar levels and glycemic index. If you are in a mood for a sugary fruit, eat it in moderation.

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