Get Eating Manly Green Foods

by Leo Cartland

Do you avoid green foods as much as you possibly can? Generally, men do this more often than woman. It is not healthy for you. No, just because you eat steak and cows eat grass that doesn’t count. It may taste great but it isn’t green. Usually if something tastes great, it isn’t that healthy for you. However, you are missing out. There are many green foods that are full of natural flavors that do taste pretty good. You can still have your occasional steak but you need to do your best to stick with green foods as much as you can. There are many that you can choose from. How do you know which green foods are the best for you? Keep reading here.


One of the top green foods is spinach. At first, you may think that you aren’t going to eat that but it isn’t that difficult. By adding spinach into many meals, you can’t even taste it. You can add spinach into a pasta dish, a salad, a sub or even on pizza. When you cook spinach, you are adding more health benefits to it. It is quite difficult for the body to digest the nutrients in raw spinach so cooking it is the best option. There is a ton of iron and other minerals in spinach which is excellent for your blood. There are also a ton of vitamins in spinach that are great for you, mostly the folic acid and Vitamin K.


broccoli-on-wooden-tableYou may read broccoli on many lists of healthier and more nutritious foods and it is true. You should try to eat more broccoli whenever you can. It is full of minerals, vitamins and more. These things can detox your body. They can also destroy toxins in the body and help in preventing many cancers. There is a lot of zinc and iron in broccoli and those help to boost the immune system. The Vitamin B also offers you many health and nutritional benefits. Broccoli is by far one of the best green foods you should be eating regularly.


fresh-kale-on-a-wooden-tableAnother one of the best green foods you should be eating is kale. It may not be something that you even currently consider eating but you should. It is so full of nutrients and getting as much of it in your diet as possible is something you should be doing. The Vitamin K and other vitamins helps in preventing some cancers and many other diseases too. In addition, kale is helpful in boosting your immune system. The fiber in kale improves the digestive system and relieves muscle pains as well. The vitamins in kale also reduce blood pressure. If you are getting headaches a lot, you will find that kale relieves those too. As you can tell, kale is one of the best green foods you should add to your diet.

You may not eat all the green foods you can now but you can start. It is quite easy to add spinach, broccoli and kale to your diet. You can add them to just about any meal you are making. Think about this the next time you get groceries and plan your meals.

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