Does GNC Complete Body Cleansing Work?

by Leo Cartland
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About the Product

GNC Complete Body Cleansing is a product that claims to help you detoxify within a week. Get to know GNC’s week-long Complete Body Cleansing Program delivered by the company.

Defining GNC Complete Body Cleansing

detox juice bottlesThis nutritional product, as mentioned, is created by GNC, a company in the supplement industry that does not need introduction. GNC is a globally known retailer of a variety of health products and all kinds of supplements. This specific offering, the GNC Complete Body Cleansing, is a week-long plan that is precisely developed to sustain maximum digestive wellness and overall health of the user. This product does not only cleanse the colon but also purifies other vital organs and systems in the body, which include the digestive tract, liver, kidney, immune system, as well as the circulatory areas. Thus, it does more than just cleansing as it also helps users improve their health in just a matter of a week. Below are the claimed benefits with using GNC Complete Body Cleansing:

Helps with digestion and bowel movement

Helps with getting rid of detrimental toxins

Promotes detoxification of the liver and kidneys

Purifies the digestive tract like colon

It strengthens the immune system

It lessens the possibility of health issues due to dangerous toxins in the body

It sustains the flora’s balance and stability in the digestive tract

Understanding Its Functions

time to detox blocksBasically, GNC Complete Body Cleansing functions by providing the body with sufficient nourishing components, herbal components, enzymes, and other components that will help improve digestion and promote maximum health and wellness. The week-long program of this supplement is categorized into four formulations, which need to be consumed every day. Here they are:

AM Formula: This consists of components promoting gastrointestinal health and enhancement of the digestive functions. It also helps in the disintegration of fat, protein, and carbs.

PM Formula: This particular formula will sustain the body’s circulation and facilitate the detoxification of both the liver and the kidney. Plus, it helps improve the process of digestion.

Probiotic Blend: The components here facilitate the normal flora’s stability within the intestinal tract. This is crucial when it comes to the efficiency of digestion and taking in of nutrients. It can also strengthen the immune system.

Fiber and Prebiotic Packet: The elements included here provide bulk in order to enhance digestive functions and getting rid of waste.

Getting to Know the Components

Am Formula: digestive enzymes, ginger, artichoke, pomegranate with fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

PM Formula: digestive enzymes and herbs such as cayenne, goldenseal, milk thistle, green tea, and grape seed extract.

Probiotic Blend: probiotics, acidophilus, and bifidobactrim.

Fiber and Prebiotic Packet: dietary fibers and other vital prebiotics.

What are the Product Features?

GNC Complete Body Cleansing doesn’t only purify the body, but also help achieve maximum health and wellness.

It comes from a reputable manufacturer.

It also helps in the detoxification process of liver and kidneys.

It lowers the risks of diseases.

You only need a week to complete the program.

It doesn’t trigger the instant urge to eliminate wastes, which is a usual adverse reaction of other similar supplements.

Suggested Dose

The suggested dosage every day is:

One(1) AM Formula packet

One(1) PM Formula packet

One (1) Fiber and Prebiotic packet

One (1) Probiotic Blend capsule

How to Use

The company behind this supplement has precisely stated on how to use the separate packets and capsule. Here are the instructions:

AM Formula: As it name implies, it is to be consumed every morning for one week

PM Formula: This one needs to be consumed alongside dinner for one week.

Probiotic Blend: This blend also needs to be ingested with dinner for one week.

Fiber and Prebiotic Blend: Combine a single packet with 4-6 ounces of water or juice to be consumed every day for one week.

Health Reminders and Safety Precautions

Do not go beyond the suggested dose unless directed by your doctor.

If you have an allergy to any of its components, GNC Complete Body Cleansing isn’t for you.

It is also not ideal for pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Do not consume this supplement two weeks prior and after a surgical operation.

In the case of side effects that include stomach pains, diarrhea, or loose stools, you should discontinue use.

Don’t consume GNC Complete Body Cleansing if you’ve been diagnosed with a health problem or if you’re presently going through treatments unless sanctioned by your physician.


This cleansing supplement is a great formulation offered by GNC. It does not only provide detoxification, it also ensures that the user’s health is maintained. Aside from taking care of the colon, GNC Complete Body Cleansing also aims to help sustain the proper functioning of other organs and systems, like the digestive, immune and circulatory system, ensuring optimal health and well-being. Plus, it helps deliver detoxification of both the liver and kidneys since they both serve as filtering systems of the body.

Moreover, this product is an incredible selection over similar cleaning solutions, which usually take around 30 days to finish the entire program, whereas GNC Complete Body Cleansing only takes 7. Lastly, GNC Complete Body Cleansing is made by GNC, so customers can be guaranteed that the quality of this product is superb.

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