by Ace Ryder
skinny guy

Building muscles especially for lanky guys have always been a controversial subject matter. The argument has usually been on whether working out is better for gaining muscles or it’s just high-calorie meals. Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym too hard or you’ve been gulping down milkshakes to bulk up with little result or nothing to show. This piece contains the solution to your problem.

Mind you, these tips are a product of rigorous research and firsthand experience. You’d better start making use of this advice as soon as you finish reading this piece.

Food not junksno to junk food

The truth about this whole bulking up of a thing is if you aren’t enough food, there is no way you can build muscles. That’s the bitter truth.

Maybe you don’t know, your body requires a whole lot of calorie for the muscle-building process to go on and on. So, it’s not just about the milkshakes you eat per day or the number of pizza you drown per will, it’s much more than that.

As said, the amount of calories you take into your system is what actually determines the amount of flesh produced by your body.  Normally, your body burns calories. By moving from place to place, hitting the gym, and engaging in such activities like football or other sport, you burn a whole heck of calories. For some, it’s over 2500 calories per day while for some others, it’s far much bigger than that. In fact, the science surrounding this is quite ambiguous, wouldn’t want to bore you with that at all. Just know that the real deal to bulk up is the amount of food you take. Not just eating though, but eating the required nutrients for you to be able to add some muscles as fast as possible.


As said, you just don’t go eating anything anyhow, you mustn’t neglect your protein as it should be incorporated into each of your meals. Going back to basics, we all know the importance of protein, how it is reputable for building the body. The shocker is, here in this fundamental knowledge lies your secret of transcending to bulky from being skinny and as swift as lightning. Ensure you eat high protein diets such as meat, poultry and fish, eggs, peas, peanut butter, cooked dried beans, nuts and seeds, tofu, cheeses, milk, and milk products.

Track calorie intake

Since you intend to get results fast, what you need to do to also expedite the process of bulking up is to ensure that you gulp down the required amount of calories. Go for high calories food such as butter, yoghurt, mayonnaise, granola cereal, muffins, milkshakes, and so on. Begin immediately by deliberately adding an additional 300 to 500 calorie diet to your daily meal. You can track calorie intake by using apps like MyfitnessPal.

Work out

Yes, you heard that right!

It’s not just enough to eat and overeat, you need to strike a balance. Of course, when you eat, there’s the possibility of generating excess fat even to the extent of becoming obese.  You wouldn’t want this happening to you at this crucial stage in as much as the goal you have in mind is quite clearly defined. The goal is to build muscles and not become obese. Hence the need for a proper workout cannot be overemphasized. Exercises challenge your muscles to grow more. The more the challenge, the more you get positive results provided your body is equipped with enough calories to burn and also save for the muscle production process.

The synergy between over-eating and exercising lay to rest the controversy that surrounds whether either of the two is best for bulking up. Ultimately, know that exercising is compulsory to put your body in check as against accumulating excess fat. So, while you eat more, hit the gym harder too.

What about water?

Nothing compares to the role water plays in the muscle formation process. Just like a heavy hydraulic machine requires oil to perform effectively so as not to get worn out, so also, your body needs a whole lot of water for muscle development. You could suffer dehydration and exhaustion if your body is not properly supplied with water. This is not good for the overall well-being of your body. So, ensure you keep your body hydrated by taking a lot of water so that you’d get the result you expect on time.


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