How to Prevent Hangovers

by Leo Cartland
How to Prevent Hangovers


There may be no sure fire way to prevent a hangover, aside from not drinking of course. But here are some ways to lessen the blow and make sure you aren’t showing up to work in sun glasses, sipping Gatorade while you lean…. into falling asleep with your face in a bagel at your desk. Hangovers aren’t caused by one specific thing, but have a lot of different factors that contribute to the severity of your headache and dry heaving.Here are a few tips we have to stop you from feeling like the walking dead the morning after drinking.

Eat Right

While some of us with lighter wallets like to be “drunk-o-rexic” to save a few bills at the bar, it is not a good idea to drink on an empty stomach despite the quick buzz. Before hitting the town, you should have a meal that contains all three of these essential nutrients: fat, protein, and carbs. You should feel full without feeling over satisfied and heavy. You need fat in your body before drinking because it slows your body’s ability to absorb alcohol. If you are in a rush, just grab some kind of hard roll or bagel, maybe even a PB& J for the road.

Drink UpDrink up

Water that is. Drink one glass over water in between every drink. Hydration lessens the chances that you will develop a hard hitting headache the next morning strictly from dehydration. This serves the dual purpose of helping you to take a beat in between drinks so you slow your roll.

Take a Multi-Vitamin

While some people think that all hangovers are simply dehydration at work, your body lacking the proper nutrients to be able to digest and breakdown alcohol is at the heart of every hangover. A great way to get both your vitamins and your water is to pour one of those Airborne tablets into your glass of water and stir. This is will give you 8 ozs of water and the vitamins and minerals you need to prevent oxidative stress.

Stay Clear of the Champagne

As you get older and more susceptible to the hangovers, you have to attend more events where champagne is being offered, gallery openings, weddings, christenings, anniversaries. It is easy to knock back a few flutes and the beverage’s bubbles help to get you drunk fast. The way the bubbles are absorbed make your hangovers the actual worst. Don’t be lazy, go to the bar and say no to champagne.

Stay in the Clear

While men notoriously love dark liquors, whiskey, scotch, and rum, you should keep it light. A vodka seltzer or a gin and tonic have less calories and the lack of sugar in them while help your body metabolize the alcohol easier and faster.Have clear drinks

Don’t Fall in the Well Timmy

You are an adult man now, stay away from the bottom shelf well whiskeys and get yourself some Maker’s Mark. When you are spending more money on alcohol you tend to savor and enjoy it rather than just recklessly binge drink. There are less toxins and chemicals involved in the distillery process and therefore the alcohol is easier to digest.

Remember, it isn’t just about what you are drinking or how much, it is also about what you are or aren’t eating or drinking that is non-alcoholic. Popping an Ibuprofen for the inflammation before bed can’t hurt either.

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