How To Survive The First Two Weeks Of Your Weight Loss Journey

by Steel Care
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Do you want to lose weight? Are you done with the ridicule and insults that strangers throw at you? Do you want stop covering up your fat and flabs, and just be able to wear whatever you want? Have all the horror stories about being overweight and obese finally got to you?

Being overweight can do a lot of harm, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, to anyone. People who struggle with their weights can attest that they have difficulties carrying out various physically demanding activities. They cannot run as fast, and are not as strong as the others. Climbing up and down staircases is a pain. They also suffer from self-esteem and confidence issues, due to the shaming and mocking that they experience. They cannot find clothes that fit their body right in the regular men’s or women’s section. They are always directed to the plus size section, and have to take that walk of shame, with judgmental and disapproving gazes from others shoppers. They cannot help but feel worthless and inferior, and, sometimes, even think that the world is better off without them.

If carrying those extra pounds is not easy, losing them is, too. To be able to successfully get rid of all of the excess weight, you have to stay committed. You have to be in it for the long haul. The first two weeks especially are very trying, and it is up to you to keep your eyes on the goal the entire time. You should remember that the road to victory is not going to be all comfortable and painless, and you should be ready to face head on the bumps and challenges along the way.

Below are tips that should be useful in the early stages of your journey to a fit and healthy you:

Keep track of what you eat.

How To Survive The First Two Weeks Of Your Weight Loss JourneyYour diet plays the biggest role in your weight loss. If you continue to eat your favorite sweets everyday, dine at your go-to fastfoods every night, and drink your soft drinks every meal, you are not going to see any change. You have to alter your meal plans, and introduce healthy options.

Eat more high-fiber foods, like bananas, apples, beans, corn, and wheat; healthy high-fat foods, like avocados, nuts, eggs, and dark chocolate; and lean proteins, like yogurt, cheese, white-meat poultry, and seafood.

And, every time you eat, remember to log your meals. You can keep a food diary or use food tracking apps to determine how many calories you eat per day. This is crucial as you have to stay within your daily caloric allowance to effectively lose weight.

Stay away from soda.

There is no denying that soda is great paired with all sorts of snacks and meals. However, it is not a very healthy drink because it contains a lot of sugar that can put you at risk of diabetes. If you develop diabetes, your body will never be the same, as your heart, kidneys, nerves, eyes, skin, and limbs become weaker and unable to function like before.

So, if you cut soda from your diet, you are one step closer to your goal. Without soda, your body’s sugar intake is lessened, preventing the dangers of not only diabetes, but also heart disease. You will get a slimmer waistline too. You will feel rejuvenated and energized each day, allowing you to be more productive at work or in school.

Instead of soda, drink water. Water has zero calories, so you can drink about 8 or a couple more glasses per day. It is essential to accomplish various tasks your body has to do throughout the day, and can keep you hydrated to keep you going. It improves your metabolism, and regulates proper digestion, so nutrients and minerals from the food that you eat are processed and absorbed by your body more efficiently. It also ensures that toxins and other wastes are flushed out of your body as soon as possible, and are not left stuck inside of you to cause problems.

Start exercising.

It is true that you can lose weight without exercising. By just eating healthier and less, you can really lose the extra weight that has made your life hard for as long as you can remember. If you are dedicated to your new and balanced diet, you will notice significant changes even after only a couple of weeks.

How To Survive The First Two Weeks Of Your Weight Loss JourneyHowever, if you solely rely on your healthy diet to get a fit and healthy body, you will likely have to deal with loose skin. As you lose one pound after another, your muscles lose fat, leaving your skin saggy. This is a common occurrence among those that have lost a hundred pounds. They look at themselves in the mirror, and see a smaller version of themselves, but with loose skin under their upper arms, on their inner thighs, and on the belly. Not exactly the perfect body that they have in mind.

Fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate saggy weight loss skin. Apart from undergoing skin removal surgery, you can have tight skin on your arms, thighs, tummy, neck, and other parts of your body by getting into an exercise routine. Some good exercises are:


Lie on your stomach on the ground, and then raise your body with your arms. Bend your elbows to lower your body to the ground again, keeping your back straight at all times. Repeat.

Bicep curls

Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands, lift them towards your shoulder, and then raise them above your head, making sure that both your arms are straight. Go back to starting position, and repeat.

Sumo squat

Start by standing with your feet wide apart. Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands, and then bend your knees slightly, like in a squatting position. Return to starting position, and repeat. Your hips should be the one directing your back and torso down and then up.

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