Let Teas Help with Many Common Ailments

by Leo Cartland

There are many common ailments that men may experience. If you are on who experiences any of those mentioned below often, you should let teas help you out. There are too many people who jump right into using medications to treat common ailments when they could be treating them naturally. Taking care of issues naturally will allow your body to become more immune to certain sicknesses. This means fewer ailments in the future. If this sounds good to you, find out the different benefits of various teas so you can heal the common ailments you may be getting. Whether you need to treat stomach spasms, muscle spasms, stomachaches, heartburn, get better sleep or heal another ailment, drinking more tea helps you to do that

Do you have issues with sleeping?

preview-full-tea-625_625x350_71435831200There are many men who have issues with sleeping. There could be a variety of reasons for this. Maybe you have too much stress, can’t get comfortable or suffer from some other issue. What can you do about this? You can take Mulungu. This is a type of herb that soothes and acts as a sedative. It is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic too. Those who have a difficult time going to sleep or staying asleep will often take Mulungu. Nutritionists recommend this herb for getting better sleep. When you one tablespoon of this with your steaming water, you can increase the sleep hormone production and sleep like a baby.

Do you need to boost metabolism?

Some men just naturally have a slower metabolism. You may also have something going on with your body that is causing you to have lower metabolism. If you want to make your body step it up a notch, you need to raise your metabolism. Green tea is the best way to do this. It stimulates the process of thermogenesis which heats up your body so you can get more energy. The herbs in green tea have some caffeine which further promotes fat burning and metabolism boosting. You can also take ginger tea to increase metabolism by about 20 percent. Additionally, Carqueja tea helps with this process too.

Do you need to soothe your body?

Are you experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress, if you are then you need to soothe your body with passion fruit leaves. The alkaloid in these leaves will help with the soothing process. These leaves have been known to treat nervousness, hypertension and anxiety so you can get better sleep and have a better day as well. You can use chamomile to help you with soothing the body too. Chamomile is known to be used as a relaxant. It is sweet and adding lemon to your chamomile tea will help you out even more.

Do you need to start cleansing your body?

Depending on what you eat regularly you may need to start cleansing your body. If you eat too much or drink things that are bad for your health, you many need this cleansing process. You can get this from boldo. This is from Chile and it can be your best friend when detoxing your body. It works directly with the bilary tract. It is best to drink this tea after a workout. You can also drink milk thistle to cleanse the body. This one mainly focuses on cleansing the liver. Horsetail tea is another option for this purpose.

Do you need to have more regular bowel movements?

preview-full-shutterstock_229517113If you are feeling constipated, this can hurt. You might be having stomach spasms, cramps and other pains throughout your mid-section. Additionally, every time you eat you will feel full and bloated because you aren’t having regular bowel movements. You need to do something about this. You should stock up on rhubarb and rhamnus. These are laxative type plants. However, make sure you are only taking these when absolutely needed. If you use them too much, they could cause even more problems. If you haven’t been able to have a bowel movement in a few days, then you can use them. Black tea is another one that can help with this.

If you have any of these common ailments, choose to treat them by drinking tea. You have read the types of tea that could help you so add them to your diet.


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