She May Not be Orgasming…Here Are Some Reasons Why

Young couple engaged in sexual intercourse

Are you having problems getting your woman to orgasm? You may be losing your confidence because you think it is all your fault. Are you sexually flawed? More than likely that is not the problem. In fact, there are many other reasons why she may not be having an orgasm. Knowing these reasons can help you to learn how to please her more and not say the wrong thing to her. If she knows why she isn’t having orgasms much she may be embarrassed to admit it so make sure you don’t comment on it. You can try new things without letting her know that you want her to orgasm more.

Medical Conditions

shutterstock_488870482There are actually many different medical conditions that could be keeping her from having an orgasm. Some of the most common medical conditions are higher blood pressure levels, diabetes and depression. These could be directly related to her not having an orgasm. Those issues could be causing her to not have an orgasm and the medications prescribed for them could be causing the problem too. Don’t blame her or yourself because it could be a health issue that you don’t know about.


There are many women who are bogged down with stress. If she is having a lot of stress in her life, this could be causing her not to have an orgasm. It could be difficult to feel pleasure when all someone can think about are things that cause them stress. If you want to help her have an orgasm when she is stressed there are some things you can do. You can start by giving her a massage to let her know you want to bring her comfort and pleasure. Teasing her before the sex could help her to relieve the stress as well.


libidoIf you are new to having sex or you haven’t had sex in a while, you may be a little rusty with your handywork. This may be hard to admit to yourself but the sooner you admit it the better. If your handywork is off, you can learn and practice to get more skilled. Practice making her feel more relaxed and ask her what you can do to help her feel more pleasurable. Maybe there is something you do that makes her feel wonderful and other things that don’t. Figure this out. If you aren’t that great with handywork, you can also just make the sex better by taking Marathon Man Maca 1000 supplements.

Letting Go

Sometimes it takes women a bit of time to let go. They may be uncomfortable for some reason or it may just take their body a while longer to loosen up. Either way, you can get used to this and learn what to do to help them ease up. There might be certain things you do that help her to loosen her body and let you in. Sometimes women may have a difficult time loosening up to just the man but sex toys help them to do this. You may want to ask her about this or casually bring it up as well.

These are some of the reasons why she might not be having an orgasm. Finding out might allow you to do something about it.