Metabolic Syndrome Got You Down: Fight It Today


preview-full-751d33ec93eeac18f86f285f892e2314What is metabolic syndrome? First you must get down to the basics. This is a complex type disorder of the metabolic system. It happens when someone has a mixture of any of these conditions: extra body fat on the waist, high blood sugar, high blood pressure or abnormally high triglyceride or HDL cholesterol levels. With just one of any of these disorders or conditions, there is an increased risk for major heart disease. Having more than one of these disorders or conditions will also increase the risk of having diabetes or a stroke too. If you do have a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome of the conditions it is associated with, you need to do something about it. You will need to make some major lifestyle alterations. Delaying in making these changes would only cause even more serious health issues.

Discussing the Conditions of Metabolic Syndrome

It is important to discuss more about the conditions of metabolic syndrome. For someone to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, they need to have a minimum of three of these conditions.

Obesity. When there is extra body fat on the waist, over 40 inches for the circumference. If you are obese, talking to your doctor would be the first step. There are many lifestyle changes to make if you are obese.

Higher Blood Pressure. If you have a systolic number of over 130 mm Hg or a diastolic number of over 85 mm Hg, you will need to talk to your doctor. They will talk to you about any medications you may need to be on. However, you may want to talk to them about taking Blood Pressure Reducer 1000. This is an all-natural way to reduce your blood pressure levels.

Higher Blood Sugar. If you have a blood sugar level of over 100 mg/dL, this is another thing you will need to work on. It is dangerous to have high blood sugar levels. Setting up a plan with your doctor would be the first thing to do. From there, you will get lifestyle changes you need to make.

Higher Lipid Levels. When your levels of triglycerides are over 150 mg/dL and you have HDL cholesterol levels that are under 40 mg/dL, this becomes a problem. If this is what your numbers are, changes will need to be made.

Contributions to Metabolic Syndrome

ALT TAGWhat are the reasons why you might have metabolic syndrome? If you are lacking in physical activity throughout most days, this is one factor that could cause you to have metabolic syndrome. If you overeat or have a lot of weight gain, those are contributions to this syndrome as well. These contributions cause insulin resistance and your body won’t be able to use the insulin correctly. This will more than likely lead to type-2 diabetes.

Changes That Need Made

If you do have the risk factors or a diagnosis for metabolic syndrome, you need to make changes today. There are many healthy changes you can make but it is important that you know, you need to stick with them. You will need to start by dropping down your weight. This is recommended for becoming healthier in many ways and that doesn’t stop with metabolic syndrome.

You should also increase your physical activity. This will help with your weight loss and improving your health. When lowering your weight, you reduce the conditions associate with metabolic syndrome. Even if you don’t feel you can engage in intense physical activity, doing what you can will help. Do your best to get 30 minutes or more of activity 5 days of the week.

You should also eat heart-healthy foods. These are lower in calories. You should eat more low-fat diary products, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and seafood. Make sure you are only eating poultry, oils and lean mean in moderations. Also, you should only be having a limited amount of salt, trans-fats, added sugars and saturated fats. If you follow through with these diet tips you can lose weight and improve any risk factors you have for metabolic syndrome. If you can lose about 8 percent of your total body weight, you can greatly improve your blood sugar, blood pressure and blood cholesterol numbers.