Mistakes Commonly Made When Doing Squats

by Leo Cartland

In just about every single exercise or workout plan you look at, you are going to see that squats are part of the plan. You are probably already very familiar with these exercises. You may have done them hundreds of time. However, you are here because the squats you have been doing just don’t seem to be doing much for you, if anything at all. The reason for this could be due to the mistakes commonly made when doing squats. Don’t worry, you are not alone, many men make these same mistakes. Figuring out which mistakes you are making can help you to do them right the next time so they work for you.


preview-full-correct-squat-tipsThe position that you move to when you squat down could be the problem you are having. In fact, most men do not squat down far enough. The purpose of the squats is to stretch certain muscles. If you aren’t going down low enough, you aren’t going to be able to stretch the muscles correctly. The next time you do a squat make sure you are moving your body far enough down.


You must pay attention to your posture when you are doing squats. The posture you keep during the squat says it all. If you aren’t feeling the squat enough when you are finished it could have to do with your posture. You must practice the posture and make sure you are keeping your posture proper throughout the whole squat for the entire set. Notice your posture the next time you do a squat.


Think about what you are doing with your heels when you are doing squats. If you are lifting your heels up when you are doing squats, you are not doing them properly. The heels should stay firmly and flat on the ground or floor when you do a squat. Make sure you are doing this correctly the next time you do a squat.


preview-full-higher-jump-squat-main-newIf your knees are going past your toes when you do a squat, this is the wrong position. When you lower down into the squat, your knees should stay level with your toes. You should not let them go further than that. This will help you to stay in the correct posture and help you to keep your heels on the ground as well. Keep an eye on this the next time you are completing the squats in your workout session.

Now that you know the mistakes that are commonly made when doing squats, you can do them properly from this point forward. If you want to have more muscle after doing squats, you can take Xtreme Testosterone every day to build that muscle further.

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