Myths Circulating Around Weight Loss

by Leo Cartland

You are working towards your resolutions or goals of losing weight. With the new year coming around, many people are going to be setting weight loss goals. That is what happens every year. Have you met yours from last year? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t. Either way, whether you are trying to lose weight now or you are waiting until the new year, you should know about some of the myths that are circulating around weight loss.

Exercising for Long Brings About More Weight Loss

Have you heard that you need to exercise for longer if you are going to lose weight? If this is something you have heard, you can forget it right now. It might seem like the longer you are exercising, the more calories you burn but that is not how it works. In fact, studies have shown that those who exercise for an hour a day, eat two times more than those who exercise for half an hour a day. If you are eating more, your body is going to be stuck in the same weight or you will gain weight. Stick with about 30 minutes a day and you can lose more weight than exercising for longer.

You Shouldn’t Eat Fat

Myths Circulating Around Weight LossAlright, so you have been told that you shouldn’t eat fat. You should stop eating fat altogether. This is another one of the myths that is circulation around weight loss. You can cut back on the number of fat grams you eat but you do need some to live. In fact, if you take too much fat out of your diet, this is where the misconception lies. There are good fats that your body needs and those are the ones that you need to get enough of to keep your energy levels up. That way your body can burn off enough calories to lose weight.

Don’t Eat Sweets

Have you been told that you should not eat any sweets of any kind? If you are on a diet this is something that you may have heard. However, you should know that if you completely deprive yourself of sweets, you will end up eating way too many sweets when you get that craving. As long as you are only getting a bit of your sweet tooth satisfied before approximately noon, you will be alright. Your body can kick off those calories before the end of the day. Just make sure it is a small sweet and not something larger.

You Need More Fiber to Feel Full

weight-loss-myth91You also may have heard that you need to have more fiber in your diet if you are going to feel full. This is a myth but part of it is true. When you put more fiber into your body through vegetables and fruits, you will stay full longer. This is because your body takes longer to digest those fiber foods. However, if you have artificial sources that you are getting your fiber from, you are going to get hungry faster.

These are some of the myths that you should know that are circulating around weight loss. Now that you know them, you can make sure you are following the proper information when you are trying to lose weight.

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