What You Need to Know About Her Before Your First Date

by Leo Cartland

preview-full-What-to-Talk-About-on-the-First-Date1Dating can be a very strange ordeal. You may have met her on the internet or in a bar, and maybe you know hardly anything there is to know about her. While she may have a pretty face and you may have had a little chat back and forth, knowing what she is really like can be an issue. You may get on the date and what might have seemed like a harmless invite, can quickly turn to a terrible affair if you have not covered the basics before you get there.

But with so many things to try and get to know about someone, where do you even start? And how do you know which things will be a night-ruiner and which will get things going?

  1. What they are looking for

If you are just looking for causal sex but this girl is on a husband hunt, you are likely to end up not getting along. And vice versa. If she is not looking for anything serious, and you go into full date mode with flowers and candles, she is going to run for the hills. Make sure you both know what you are getting yourselves into, so you don’t end up getting the wrong end of the stick and making a fool of yourself.

  1. Their status

This may sound stupid, but some girls like to date for dating’s sake. You don’t want to be sitting in a restaurant only to be greeted by an angry boyfriend or husband half way through the night. Equally, if they are looking to skip town soon and you are looking for a long-term affair, this is not the right girl for you.

  1. Their dietary requirements

This may sound strange, but if you are a hardcore meat eater with a penchant for animal protein and your girl is a heartfelt hippy leading a vegan lifestyle, she won’t be impressed with your choice of a steakhouse for the evening ahead. Equally, don’t take a diabetic to a waffle house. Always ask about where they would like to eat and ask if they have special requirements.

  1. What they do for a living

There is nothing worse than finding your environmental self at loggerheads with a pharmaceutical salesperson. Although opposites sometimes attract, it is rare that someone who travels all over the place for work is going to be blown away by a person who likes the comfortable settled life of recruitment. Knowing what someone does for work can tell you a lot about their personality and lifestyle, so make sure you ask in advance.

  1. Their real age

This can be a tricky situation either way. Women tend to say they are younger than they are when they reach a certain age. While this might not be a problem, if you are a healthy, young 30 year old looking to become a family man, a menopausal 55 year old is not what you are looking for. Equally, with all the advancements in hair and make-up, you don’t want to find yourself in handcuffs after making out with a schoolgirl!

  1. Whether they have children

preview-full-Couple-on-a-first-date-593337This may not seem like a big deal wo some people but to others, it can be a dealbreaker. If this is the case, make sure you inquire beforehand, just so you are not leading her on.

Knowing what you are getting yourself into is crucial, especially if you want it to lead to something more.


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