Orgasm Simultaneously: A Truly Pleasurable Experience

Young couple engaged in sexual intercourse

When you think about your sexual experiences, how do you envision your orgasms? Do you usually ejaculate quickly and then it is all over? When you orgasm, is your woman still left hanging? How long after you orgasm does it take for your woman to get the same satisfaction? You don’t have to answer because you are here for a reason. You are here because you want to know how you and your partner can orgasm simultaneously. This can be a truly pleasurable experience but it may take a bit of time to achieve. Once you do this, you are going to have a pleasurable experience that will not be forgotten.

Taking Things to the Edge

shutterstock_420268945Edgy sex…sounds like an amazing experience and it certainly is! When you take things to the edge (or called edging) during sex, you can gain control over your orgasms. When you reach that edge where you feel like you will have an orgasm, back it off. This may sound like a tease that will not be enjoyed but trust in the fact that it will bring more pleasure in the long run. Additionally, you will both learn more about your body and the sensations so you can have amazing sex every time. If you want some help with this orgasm control be sure to take Sexual Overdrive supplements to give you that boost.

Take Another Round

Another way to orgasm simultaneously is to go another round. You can let yourself orgasm when you are ready and tease her enough that you are ready to become erect again. You won’t get as much pleasure as holding yourself off and edging but at least you will get another orgasm out of the deal.

Finishing it Off

shutterstock_488870482Many people have beliefs about orgasms that just aren’t on track. Yes, the g-spot and the clitoris are a woman’s weak spot and very erogenous. However, that does not mean that missionary sex will be enough with just paying attention to these spots. Women do like excitement so go ahead and try different positions with her. In fact, different positions along with paying attention to these erogenous zones can give her the best sex of her life. Not only that but you can get her to orgasm sooner which means you don’t have to hold off as long.

Sex Tools

Yes, they are called tools because you need to know how to use them properly. If you want to orgasm simultaneously, you may want to use a vibrator or another sex tool or toy. These help you to tease your woman until she is closer to orgasm and then you jump on board and you can both orgasm together.

Until you have had a simultaneous orgasm, you will never know what a perfect and truly pleasurable experience you can have during sex. Try these tips to achieve that pleasure and ecstasy!