Overcoming Problems With Retarded Ejaculation

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Among the many types of ejaculatory problems, retarded ejaculation is perhaps the least understood. Often referred to as delayed ejaculation or delayed orgasm, retarded ejaculation is also one of the least prevalent male sexual dysfunctions, affecting only less than 5% of the male population.

Considered as a diminished ejaculatory disorder, retarded ejaculation is defined as the recurring delay in or even absence of orgasm after being adequately sexually excited and stimulated.

Find out how you can overcome your problems with retarded ejaculation.

Biogenic Causes Of Retarded Ejaculation

Your orgasmic and ejaculatory functions are regulated by your sympathetic nervous system. Thus, you may experience ejaculatory problems if there’s anything that interrupts or impairs the functions of the nerves in your genital region.

Diseases like multiple sclerosis and diabetes have adverse effects on your ejaculatory system. Spinal cord injuries and surgeries in your pelvic region can also cause damage to your genital nerves, thereby impairing your ejaculatory function.

Your hormones also play a huge role in your ejaculatory response. So if you have hormonal problems, it’s highly likely that your sexual function and ejaculatory response would also be severely affected.

For instance, thyroid stimulating hormone levels are associated with latencies in ejaculation. Men with hypothyroidism often suffer from sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, hypoactive sexual disorder, and retarded ejaculation.

Overcoming Problems With Retarded EjaculationTestosterone is another hormone that greatly affects your ejaculatory function. Low total testosterone levels and free testosterone levels are also associated with retarded ejaculation. In addition, low testosterone levels can also cause a reduction in your ejaculate volume.

Prolactin is another hormone that’s crucial to your sexual health. Higher than normal levels of prolactin can impair your testicular functions. Hyperprolactinemia is also linked to ejaculatory problems like anorgasmia and retarded ejaculation.

Psychogenic Causes Of Retarded Ejaculation

In men with acquired retarded ejaculation, the condition is often attributed to psychological causes. Recurring themes include unexpressed anger and unconscious aggression. Fear of impregnating the partner is also another common cause of retarded ejaculation.

Experts also believe that religious orthodoxy may cause a man to experience an inhibition of normal sexual function as well as limit one’s sexual knowledge. In addition, religious orthodoxy may also limit masturbation.

When masturbation is seen as a sinful behavior, guilt and anxiety are often associated with the act. Being guilty about spilling seed can cause a man to suffer from retarded ejaculation as well as anorgasmia.

On the other hand, there are also men who feel more intense sexual arousal and enjoyment during masturbation as compared to when they’re having vaginal intercourse with a partner. Experts attribute masturbation-related retarded ejaculation to an idiosyncratic masturbation style.

This simply means that when you frequently masturbate vigorously using your own technique for sexual arousal, the sensations you feel may not be easily duplicated. Your partner’s hand, vagina, or mouth may not be able to duplicate the sexual stimulation you get when you’re masturbating on your own.

The masturbation speed, intensity, duration, and pressure that you need in order to orgasm may be completely different compared to what you experience during sex with your partner. This can then prevent you from reaching an orgasm during vaginal intercourse, resulting in retarded ejaculation or even anorgasmia.

The disparity between your sexual fantasies and the reality of sex with your partner is another common psychological cause of retarded ejaculation. If in your fantasies you and your partner are trying out various positions, but in reality, you always do the missionary position, you may feel as if you’re not being sexually stimulated enough to orgasm.

Sex Therapy For Retarded Ejaculation

In current sex therapy approaches, the importance of masturbation is actually emphasized. For men who have difficulties becoming sexually aroused, sex therapy helps them to experience increased arousal through partner stimulation as well as masturbation.

There are also sex therapists who employ masturbation retraining. This is especially beneficial to men with idiosyncratic masturbation techniques. For example, instead of vigorously masturbating like you always do, you can try to do it in a way that simulates how fast and strong your thrusts are during sex with your partner.

To put it simply, masturbation retraining teaches you how to masturbate so that the sensations you feel are no longer dissimilar to the sensations you feel when you are being manually, vaginally, or orally stimulated by your partner.

There are also instances when the sex therapist would recommend a moratorium on masturbation. This is done to allow you to build up your sexual desire so that you can focus it on the desired sexual activity which is sex with your partner.

Overcoming Problems With Retarded EjaculationIn many cases, drugs like cyproheptadine and amantadine are prescribed for men with retarded ejaculation. Cyproheptadine is actually an antihistamine but it also has a mild anti-serotonin effect. Serotonin actually inhibits ejaculation, so by countering the effects of serotonin, ejaculation is then made possible.

When You Have Sexual Problems

If you’re experiencing sexual problems, seeing a urologist or a sex therapist is always a good idea. However, if you prefer to manage your sexual problem through natural means, you may want to try taking male sex enhancement supplements instead.

You can try an effective sexual performance-enhancing supplement that makes use of natural ingredients. This contains several herbal ingredients that are widely recognized for their effectiveness in treating reduced libido, low sexual stamina, low testosterone levels, and poor erectile function.

For instance, it contains horny goat weed which is an excellent aphrodisiac and erection booster. That’s because horny goat weed contains a bioactive compound called icariin which works by improving your penile blood flow. Horny goat weed makes it possible for your penis to become filled with blood so that you will have a firm erection.

It also contains Tongkat Ali, an herb that offers many benefits for male sexual performance and fertility. Tongkat Ali is a strong aphrodisiac that can greatly increase your libido. It’s also used to treat impotence because it prevents penile detumescence. In short, horny goat weed makes you hard while Tongkat Ali allows you to maintain that hardness.

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