How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries While Lifting Weights


Lifting weights might be something that you do as part of your exercise program. This is something many men do and it is great for your muscles. If you want to get fit and build muscle mass, lifting weights is a great way to do this. However, the heavier weights you lift, the more likely you are to have a shoulder injury. The great news is there are ways to prevent shoulder injuries or at least reduce your risks of getting them. Find out more here!

Do Bicep Curls

What do bicep curls have to do with reducing your risk of shoulder injuries? These are helpful in working the muscles in a fashion that stretch them properly. These curls will help to prep your muscles for harder stress on the muscles so they can handle it.

how-bodybuilders-can-avoid-tendon-trouble_02Stop if Pain Occurs

You should also stop doing an exercise if you have pain. Sometimes it may be difficult to tell if you are just sore from the workout or you are in pain. You are supposed to feel soreness because that way you know your exercises are working. However, if you feel stabbing or spasms that is a sure sign you should stop the exercise. Your muscles are telling you to quit before they get injured. If there is an exercise that is hurting you, be sure to stop and try it a different way. Most exercises that involve the shoulders have variations you can do that won’t be as pressuring to the muscles. You can try those.

Balancing Your Exercises

If you are doing any sort of pushing exercises that involve your shoulders, you need to provide balance to that type of exercise. You need to do a pulling exercise or movement to contrast that one. This will help your muscles and tendons to balance so they aren’t stressed too far one way over the other. Some of the exercises you need to do for this include pull-downs and bench presses.

jerkshoulder3External Shoulder Movements

Another way to reduce your risk of getting a shoulder injury is to do exercises that will provide strength to your external shoulder movements. This is very important as it rotates the shoulder in proper ways so it is not overly stressed. You should do the movements but provide some resistance to it as well.

Strength Exercises

Another way for you to prevent shoulder injuries while lifting weights is through strength exercises. Rowing movements can help you with this. You should do your best to incorporate these into your daily exercise routine.

Flexibility Exercises

You should also be doing flexibility exercises if you want to prevent shoulder injuries. These will assure that your shoulders are flexed enough to take part in the various exercises you will be doing. This will allow you to rotate and push them harder as they are properly flexed. Pulling your arm across your chest a few times a day can help with this process.

You want to lift weights and you should. However, you also need to make sure you are preventing shoulder injuries or at least reducing the risk that you might get a shoulder injury. Follow these tips to keep your shoulders safer during all your workout sessions.